Do you need to watch all Saw movies before Saw X?

Saw X. Photo Credit: Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla
Saw X. Photo Credit: Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla /

The 10th chapter in the Saw movie franchise is now playing in theaters everywhere. But if you’re not caught up on thehorror-gore movie series, should you go see Saw XWhich movies do you absolutely need to watch before checking out Saw 10? We’ve got answers!

Now that Saw X is in theaters, there are officially 10 movies in the franchise, which can be overwhelming to new fans. Time flew by and the movie is already here, just in time for spooky season. Who has the time to binge-watch all nine movies? Luckily, you may not need to.

Do you need to watch all Saw movies before Saw X?

No. You do not need to set a day aside for binge-watching all nine Saw movies (we’re including Jigsaw and Spiral here). The latest movie serves as a direct sequel to the first chapter (Saw 2004) and prequel to Saw 2. This means there are only two movies to watch before going to the theaters for Saw X. 

Even if you have already seen them all, I strongly recommend a re-watch. It’s been a while since the movies were released, a refresher will help you understand the movie so much more.

Where can you watch all Saw movies?

You’re in luck! The first seven movies are all conveniently streaming on Peacock. As for Jigsaw and Spiral, you can find them on Prime Video. I’m a longtime fan and thought I would not need to see any of these movies again. But I did end up watching the original and not only did I realize how much I had already forgotten about the movie franchise, but I was reminded how addicting this movies are! Needless to say, I watched the first two, then the third, fourth, and well, all of them! To say I am more than ready to watch the latest chapter is an understatement.

Are you going to see Saw X in theaters or will you wait for the streaming release?

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