A mint tin switcheroo could lead to disaster for Luna on Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com /

Bold fans, I know we all caught the camera lingering on Luna and Poppy's respective mint tins on Feb. 7's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. This has led me to speculate something terrible may be set to befall Luna. If you're not one for spoilers turn around now because I'm about to dive into what could be the beginning of the young Forrester intern's luck turning toward disaster.

In the February preview Daytime Royalty shared, it was teased that "a new young love takes an unexpected turn that could change everything." This best applies to RJ and Luna since they are both young and their connection is new. They've exchanged love declarations and were recently intimate together for the first time. They're on Cloud 9. This is usually when the writers will throw a wrench into a couple's happiness.

We've been seeing Poppy taking pills in front of Bill for awhile now. She's never elaborated on what they are beyond stating that they level her out. Notably, she's never taken one in front of her daughter. She, however, does keep them in a mint tin. Luna also keeps a mint tin, but hers actually contains breath freshners and not whatever Poppy has been storing in hers.

While the two were at Forrester Creations before Eric's party at the mansion, they'd been sorting through what Luna should wear to the festivities. The drafting table was cluttered with their things as Poppy emptied her bag to find the make-up she was looking for, and Luna emptied her own so she could put her things into a clutch that went with her dress.

In the process of switching out her belongings, Luna accidentally grabbed her mother's mint tin instead of her own. She has a tendency to pop a mint before she and RJ kiss, so it's highly likely that Luna is going to ingest one of her mom's "mints" not knowing that they aren't her mints. This is further supported by Poppy's panic when she can't find hers on Friday, Feb. 9, according to the spoilers.

If what she's been taking is some kind of drug that helps her let go of her inhibitions, we could be seeing Luna be more free than she tends to be in behavior. That could lead to some unfortunate circumstances whether that's embarrassing herself in front of the Forresters or putting her in a compromising position with someone who isn't RJ.

The soap made a point of showing us that Zende is still staying at the guest house on Eric's property. He also hasn't been subtle about his interest in Luna either. As the guy waiting in the wings, he's the perfect person for the writers to position as the one to help Luna and for it to then blow back in their faces because of how it may look from the outside looking in. Soaps love an innocent situation that appears scandalous.

But if The Bold and the Beautiful isn't introducing a new angle to this love triangle that they're trying to get off the ground, then it's possible that Luna could get seriously hurt. She and RJ didn't arrive at the party at the same time. If she leaves before him, and perhaps drove to Eric's, she could get into an accident because of what's in her system.

A medical emergency would definitely be one BIG way of revealing who her father is especially if she needs a life saving procedure and he's the only one who can help her which forces Poppy's hand. However this storyline shakes out, it's going to be one to pay attention to for sure!