ABC TV schedule (May 6-12): Abbott celebrates Mother's Day, TIME100 special, and more!

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - "Mother's Day" - Barbara invites Gregory to her family's Mother's Day brunch. Jacob scrambles to figure out how to organize a school field trip. WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Gilles Mingasson) 
ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - "Mother's Day" - Barbara invites Gregory to her family's Mother's Day brunch. Jacob scrambles to figure out how to organize a school field trip. WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Gilles Mingasson) SHERYL LEE RALPH /

Looking to catch up on your favorite ABC shows the week of May 6? You're in luck because the network has a new slate of episodes for its audience! We've even got a holiday episode to look forward to on Abbott Elementary as the comedy will be honoring Mother's Day with a storyline that pairs Gregory and Barbara together since she's invited him to Mother's Day brunch with her family.

If you're looking for something less heartwarming and more heart racing, the procedurals have you covered. Will Trent has our titular hero dealing with flashbacks due to this week's case. Actually, more than one of these dramas will be giving us a look at the past. Thursdays going to be packed with plots all about what happened previously in characters lives. 9-1-1's Eddie has to unpack his feelings for someone in his past, Grey's Anatomy will see Simone struggling with painful memories, and Station 19 has Maya confronting her past as well.

As for ABC's unscripted programming: Jeopardy! Masters is chugging along and will reach its quarterfinals this week, Krysten Ritter (Orphan Black: Echoes) will be one of the contestants on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and it's Disney Night on American Idol.

You can count on one special to air and that's TIME100: The World's Most Influential People. The event is hosted by icon Taraji P. Henson and will feature Michael J. Fox receiving the Impact Award. For more on ABC, check out this week's schedule below and the synopses for each new episode!

What's new on ABC this week?

Monday, May 6

8 p.m. - Jeopardy! Masters (New!)
9 p.m. - Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (New!)
10 p.m. - Press Your Luck (Rerun)

Tuesday, May 7

8 p.m. - Will Trent (New!)
9 p.m. - The Rookie (New!)
10 p.m. - The Good Doctor (New!)

Wednesday, May 8

8 p.m. - Jeopardy! Masters (New!)
9 p.m. - Abbott Elementary (New!)
9:30 p.m. - The Conners (New!)
10 p.m. - The $100,000 Pyramid (Rerun)

Thursday, May 9

8 p.m. - 9-1-1 (New!)
9 p.m. - Grey's Anatomy (New!)
10 p.m. - Station 19 (New!)

Friday, May 10

8 p.m. - Jeopardy! Masters (New!) - Quarter Finals
9 p.m. - 20/20 (New!)

Saturday, May 11

8 p.m. - NBA Countdown
8:30 p.m. - NBA Basketball

Sunday, May 12

8 p.m. - American Idol (New!)
10 p.m. - TIME100: The World's Most Influential People


Monday, May 6

  • Jeopardy! Masters: "Games 3 & 4" - Matt Amodio, Victoria Groce, James Holzhauer, Yogesh Raut, Mattea Roach, and Amy Schneider continue their race for the Jeopardy! Masters crown and the $500,000 grand prize.
  • Celebrity Wheel of Fortune: Season 4 returns with a new episode featuring celebrity contestants - Actress Sarah Levy playing for FSHD Society, designer Christian Siriano playing for GLAAD, and actress Krysten Ritter playing for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
THE ROOKIE - "Punch Card" - TUESDAY, MAY 7 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) /

Tuesday, May 7

  • Will Trent: "Why is Jack's Arm Bleeding?" - Will and Faith reopen a case after the body of a missing girl is found 13 years after her disappearance. The case, however, leads to Will experiencing flashbacks as they work to uncover what happened to her. Meanwhile, Angie and Ormewood's work will focus on an investigation into the death of a veteran.
  • The Rookie: "Punch Card" - A mass casualty caused by a mafia-related incident sees the team having to keep the peace at a hospital. As this is going on, Lucy and Celina will be investigating suspects to find out who was behind the attack. In another case, Tim and Aaron have a metro ops mission to carry out.
  • The Good Doctor: "The Overview Effect" - A parental disagreement impedes a young child's care as Shaun, Jared, and Charlie work to intervene on their patient's behalf so that he can get the medical care he needs to improve his health.
ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - "Mother's Day" - WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EDT) /

Wednesday, May 8

  • Jeopardy! Masters: "Games 5 & 6"
  • Abbott Elementary: "Mother's Day" - Gregory gets an invite from Barbara to her Mother's Day brunch. Jacob's scrambling to put together a school field trip.
  • The Conners: "Fire and Vice" - The family experiences a major setback when a fire breaks out at Ben's hardware store. As for Becky, her mental health facility internship starts taking a toll when she feels the need to help every patient she has.
9-1-1 - ABC's "9-1-1" stars Ryan Guzman as Eddie Diaz. (Disney/Justin Stephens) /

Thursday, May 9

  • 9-1-1: "Ghost of a Second Chance" - Maddie and Athena are on a case centered on an abducted mother and child while Hen and Karen delve deeper into Mara's family history. Speaking of the past, that's what Eddie will be grappling with as he sorts through his unresolved feelings for someone he used to know.
  • Grey's Anatomy: "She Used to Be Mine" - Simone deals with painful memories due to an unexpectedly complex case. Finishing a procedure log first becomes a high stakes bet for Jules and Blue. Winston may be avoiding Richard, or at least that's what he suspects.
  • Station 19: "Give It All" - During a call at the local park, the team must contend with the Tulalip Tribe who are challenging their assumptions. Meanwhile, as Maya confronts her past, Carina will be going on the offensive.
TIME100: THE WORLD'S MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE - For the fifth year in a row, TIME Studios and ABC will present a TIME100 primetime television special, and for the third year in a row, the television special will bring viewers inside the 18th-annual TIME100 Gala, airing Sunday, May 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/Getty Images) FANTASIA BARRINO /

Sunday, May 12

  • American Idol: "717" - It's Disney Night! The Top 5 contestants will have the opportunity to perform to two favorites from the Disney Songbook. They'll not only need to have songs that resonates with them but also the audience as viewers from across America will be voting live to determine who will be headed into the finale as the Top 3.
  • TIME100: The World's Most Influential People - The 18th annual event will be hosted by Taraji P. Henson as TIME celebrates people who've made a huge difference in the world. Michael J. Fox will be receiving the Impact Award. Special appearances include 21 Savage, Patrick Mahomes, Kelley Robinson, Maya Rudolph and more individuals who made the list this year. Dua Lip and Fantasia Barrino are set to perform. TIME CEO Jessica Sibley and Editor in Chief Sam Jacobs will be speaking at the event.

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