Ashley's personality split endangers Tucker and Audra on The Young and the Restless

Special Screening of ALTERED REALITY from K Street Pictures
Special Screening of ALTERED REALITY from K Street Pictures / Maury Phillips/GettyImages

Ashley has been suffering for a while on The Young and the Restless. Whatever the eventual diagnosis, the voice in her head appears to represent the emergence of a split personality. Jack missed it. But Traci knew something was off with their sister and was proven right.

Will Traci's plan prevent calamity on Young and the Restless?

Thankfully, Ashley survived. Even though she was gone for an entire night and only recalls awakening in a motel room alone, Eileen Davidson's character made it safely home.

Jack had a heart-to-heart with Traci, who was visibly shaken by Ashley's frantic demeanor. Peter Bergman's character believed that the Tucker issue was handled. However, his decision to let Ashley work through what he felt was a fading issue represented misguided logic.

Traci was at the Abbott mansion when Ashley arrived in a haggard state. Her disheveled appearance reinforced Traci's belief that something was seriously wrong, and it was.

Ashley's confidence creates an opportunity

Ashley admitted that she was dealing with memory loss issues. Traci became the first witness to the sad truth that something was terribly wrong. The internal battle raging in Ashley's mind is one that only the audience has been fully privy to. As fans recall, Tucker recently pleaded with Jack to recognize that Ashley was not herself.

Jack, in a manner somewhat similar to Audra, dismissed Tucker's claim. Jack and Audra see Ashley from different angles, with both people believing Tucker's interest in her is the problem. Ashley's issues could range from a mental breakdown to a brain tumor, the former seems like the best guess but an exact diagnosis is needed.

Two targets exist in Genoa City

Tucker became the object of Ashley's fixation following the initially disputed honeymoon blowout in Paris, France. But she has since channeled her rage through Tucker to Audra. Zuleyka Silver's character is Tucker's second choice. Thus, he defaulted to her and their recent engagement proposal.

Ashley is not thinking straight, but she is not wrong to believe that Tucker has swapped in Audra, who remains insecure. Audra knows, and Tucker has admitted that he will always have remnant feelings for the woman he was twice married to.

Unless tests quickly reveal that Ashley is suffering from a physical malady or a psychiatrist puts her in GC Memorial Hospital, she will remain a danger to herself and two specific others. Tucker was in first position. But Ashley's mind is battling itself, and Audra is perceived as her enemy. Remove her, and Tucker will be available.

The above implies that Ashley will likely be seen by a doctor and undergo the physical and neurological testing Traci suggested. Then, a mental health professional will likely enter the scene.
However, the setup seems ominous. Ashley will continue vacillating between reality and the fantasy world where her other personality rules. All she will need is an opportunity to find Audra alone, and anything terrible becomes possible.


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