Barbie isn’t the only movie Ryan Gosling sings in! Here are 3 other movies to watch

Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.
Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. /

Ryan Gosling took our breath away when he gave a marvelous performance of "I'm Just Ken" during the 96th Academy Awards ceremony.

Gosling was amusing to watch, as he was very animated and made sure to have fun every step of the way, just like Barbie's Ken would if he were to ever get an invite to the Oscars. However, everyone would admit that the best part of the entire performance was the fact that Gosling's microphone was on the entire time, letting us know that all his childhood years spent perfecting his voice definitely paid off.

If you're like the hundreds of thousands of fans who were left speechless after hearing Ryan Gosling's flawless singing voice, then you're in luck because there are so many titles where you can hear this multi-talented actor sing even more. Here are some of our favorites!

Best movies featuring Ryan Gosling's singing

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

In Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling plays the role of a socially awkward man who, like any person, wants to find love. However, in his unique case, a plastic blow-up doll is the closest he can come to implementing some romance in his life. This is why this hilarious video of Gosling singing "L.O.V.E" by Nat King Cole to a doll exists.

If you would like to stream this film and see more of Gosling's comedic side, head to Tubi, Pluto TV, or The Roku Channel to catch every moment!

Blue Valentine (2010)

Blue Valentine has to be one of the best depictions of the difficulties that come with some relationships, as it features two people trying their hardest to make their odd romance work even though there are many weapons formed against them.

Gosling's character, Dean, is far from perfect. But he does what he can to show up for his small family. And even when he does fall flat on his face, it's hard to forget the wonderful person he can be because he does lovely things like serenading his lover with just a ukelele and an adorable rendition of "You Always Hurt the One(s) You Love" by The Mills Brothers.

Blue Valentine is streaming on Max.

La La Land (2016)

Even though Gosling has sung in movies before (as you have come to learn recently), for some, La La Land was the first film they realized that he could hold a note or two.

This doesn't necessarily come as a surprise to us since Gosling played the role of a jazz-loving musician in this film. And what better way to make the public fall in love with jazz than to sing a super catchy song like "City of Stars", an original song sung by Gosling and his co-star, Emma Stone?!

We still get goosebumps when we hear this song. Perhaps you'll feel the same when you give La La Land a watch on Hulu or on and if you have a cable TV provider log-in.

There's no mistaking it, Ryan Gosling has a beautiful voice! Hopefully, we'll get a chance to hear more of his singing in the near future. Until then, we have no problem with thoroughly watching this star sing "I'm Just Ken" for the rest of our lives.

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