Can you remember who won each Halloween Heist? Find out with this Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz!

Can you remember who they are and the order in which they won?
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The Halloween Heist episodes were definitely an iconic part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and still some of the most memorable moments from the show are from those holiday-themed installments. They're definitely a part of my favorites and I like to rewatch them all the time. There's a total of seven champs from the 99 that came out the victor over the show's eight seasons. Can you remember who they are and the order in which they won? Put your knowledge to the test with our Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz below!

My memory isn't the best, even when it comes to my favorite shows sometimes. So I definitely don't blame you if you found this one a bit more challenging compared to the other B99 quizzes. Or perhaps you're just the ultimate fan of the comedy and got 10/10! No matter where you fall, A+ for effort. Just in case you still need it, here's a recap of the winners in order:

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 in the break room
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  • Heist I: Jake (season 1)
  • Heist II: Captain Holt (season 2)
  • Heist III: Amy (season 3)
  • Heist IV: Gina (season 4)
  • Heist V: No winner (season 5)
  • Heist VI: Terry (season 6)
  • Heist VII: Rosa (season 7)
  • Heist VIII: Hitchcock (season 8)

So there were actually a total of eight Halloween Heists, one each season of the hit comedy. But Heist V, which was season 5 episode 4, our favorite group of law enforcement couldn't decide who the winner was that year, and so no champ was crowned. Instead, we did get Jake proposing to Amy and my heart still melts at that funny but sweet marriage proposal. But because he changed the inscription on the belt to "Amy Santiago, will you marry me?," no one won that year. I think they can definitely get a pass for that. It was worth it!

So which characters never won a Halloween Heist? That would be Charles and Scully. I mean, Scully I'm not surprised by. Everyone was shocked that Hitchcock managed to do it, and in the goodybe heist too! But Charles? He may be silly and constantly loyal to Jake, but he's smart when he wants to be as well. He could have definitely had a chance. Oh well! Perhaps he won in the future after the show came to an end!

All 8 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are streaming on Peacock.

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