Coming to Apple TV+ in 2024: All the must-watch shows and movies

With scores of A-list stars in some amazing new shows and film, 2024 looks to be an epic one for Apple TV+! Here's a guide on what to expect to hit the streamer in the next year!

Ambassadors For Humanity Gala Benefiting USC Shoah Foundation Honoring Rita Wilson And Tom Hanks
Ambassadors For Humanity Gala Benefiting USC Shoah Foundation Honoring Rita Wilson And Tom Hanks / Michael Kovac/GettyImages

2023 was a standout year for Apple TV+. They delivered some terrific new shows like Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Silo, Shrinking and more. They also had some amazing movies such as Killers of the Flower Moon, Tetris and others. So, with the year done, what does the streamer have in store for 2024?

A few projects have been delayed due to the strikes that hit Hollywood over the summer. However, Apple has scores of stuff planned, from stunning new original series to some high-profile movies. Here's what we know about the planned projects coming in 2024 to make Apple TV+ a must-have streamer for viewers. Let's kick things off with the must-see TV series.

Criminal Record (January 10)

It's a great setup for this British crime thriller. Cash Jumbo is a rookie detective starting her career with former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi as a veteran facing retirement. The pair are thrown together when an anonymous phone call reopens an old murder case. Their generation gap likely plays into some tension, as this should be a gripping story for crime fans. 

Masters of the Air (January 26)

Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg. World War II. It's a recipe for success if there ever was one. The two produced this nine-episode mini-series examining the adventures of an American bomber squad in World War II. Nicknamed "The Bloody Hundredth" for their losses, this squad (led by Austin Butler) tries to survive the brutal missions over Germany and face the conflict of war. With a monster budget and fantastic FX alongside a top-notch cast that includes Barry Keoghan, Ncuti Gatwa, Callum Turner, and more, this historical drama should be a stunning series remembered at awards time. 

The New Look (February 14)

This historical drama stars Ben Mendelsohn as Christian Dior, showing how the man survived World War II to create one of the greatest fashion labels in history. Oscar winner Juliette Binoche plays his longtime rival Coco Chanel with Maisie Williams as Christian's sister, Catherine, whose resistance work in World War II gave her drive. John Malkovich also co-stars in a drama capturing a prime period of fashion in Paris and should be a very stylish series for viewers.

Constellation (February 21)

This gripping sci-fi psychological thriller stars Noomi Rapace as an astronaut who returns to Earth only to realize memories of her life are missing. As she seeks answers, she stumbles into a greater mystery about human space travel that can change the world. Jonathan Banks and James D'Arcy co-star in a show that promises to add to Apple TV+'s growing range of great sci-fi shows. 

The Dynasty: New England Patriots (February 16)

Right now, the New England Patriots have sadly fallen pretty far. But this ten-episode documentary will chronicle the two decades where Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and more combined into a powerhouse that went to nine Super Bowls with six of them victories. Experience the highs, the lows and whether you love or hate the Patriots, a reminder of a dynasty the likes of which the NFL may never see again.

Manhunt (March 15)

Based on a best-selling novel, this seven-episode mini-series tracks one of the greatest crimes in American history. Anthony Boyle is John Wilkes Booth, the actor who wrote himself into infamy by assassinating President Abraham Lincoln. Tobias Menzies is Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who basically took over the manhunt for Boothe. As he's hunted as the most wanted man in American history, the weight of his actions takes a toll on Booth's psyche, with this series promising a dramatic look at the aftermath of the last death of the Civil War.

Palm Royale (March 20)

Kristin Wiig gets back to her comedic roots in this new dark comedy based on a novel. She plays a woman determined to get into Palm Beach high society and doesn't care who she has to crush to get there. The supporting cast includes Oscar winners Laura Dern and Allison Janney, along with Ricky Martin, Leslie Bibb, and living legend Carol Burnett. The dark comedy should appeal to Apple TV+ viewers and be a wilder modern take on The Gilded Age. 

The Big Cigar (TBA)

Don Cheadle produces and directs this six-episode series that tells the stunning true story of Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party. When he was charged with murder, Newton managed to get film producer Bert Schneider to help him escape to Cuba with the cops and FBI in pursuit. The show shows how they pulled this crazy plot off and a charged cat-and-mouse game for an unusual historical thriller. 

Sugar (TBA)

Not much is known so far about this new drama other than the descriptions of it being a sci-fi private eye story with Colin Ferrel in the title role of John Sugar. The supporting cast includes Amy Ryan, Anna Gunn, and James Cromwell, promising a high-powered cast whatever the final concept turns out to be. 

Sunny (TBA)

This delayed dark comedy has Rashida Jones as a woman thrown when her husband and son in Tokyo vanish in a plane crash. Before she can recover from that, her husband's company gives her a domesticated robot, but she is unsure how it will fill the gap. Filmed in 2022, it should finally air in the coming year.

As for movies coming to Apple TV+ in 2024, here's what not to miss:

Argylle (February 2 in theaters, Apple TV+ at later date)

This wild mix of spy thriller and comedy has Bryce Dallas Howard as an introverted author writing spy adventures with Henry Cavil as her titular hero. When she's dragged into a real spy adventure, the lines blur between fiction and reality, and writer/director Matthew Vaughn promises an action-adventure romantic comedy unlike any other. 

Project Artemis (TBA)

Greg Berlanti directs this long-planned drama focusing on the 1960s space race. The cast has Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, Ray Romano, Woody Harrelston and more with the film set to have a theatrical release before going to the streamer. While there are details kept secret, like the characters' names and whether it's fiction or not, this Project looks to be one of Apple's big guns for 2024.

Wolves (TBA)

Fifteen years after Burn After Reading, George Clooney and Brad Pitt finally reunite on screen. The Oscar winners play opposing "fixers" who are hired for the same job. If the chemistry between Clooney and Pitt is as good as in the Ocean's 11 movies, this should be a fantastic film for both theatrical release as well as on Apple TV+.

The Instigators (TBA)

Apple TV+ has success with action comedies, and this looks like a good one. Matt Damon and Casey Affleck play thieves whose latest job goes horribly awry. They're on the run from both the cops and other crooks and somehow one's therapist (Hong Chau) gets dragged along for the ride. It should be another fun thriller with some laughs to stand out for the streamer.

From these Apple TV+ shows and movies, which will you be watching in 2024? Did we miss one you believe should join the list? Share with us!

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