Criminal Record episode 3 spoilers, preview, synopsis and more to know

After an exciting two-episode premiere, fans can't wait to see what happens next on Criminal Record. If you're as excited as the rest of us, we have spoilers, the preview, and more to share.
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Spoiler alert! Please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the first two episodes of Criminal Record. Go stream these on Apple TV+ before reading on. As for episode 3 spoilers, we won't be going into any significant spoilers.

Criminal Record premiered exclusively on Apple TV+ on Jan. 10, making the first two episodes of the crime-drama available to stream. Immediately, audiences were drawn in by the mystery of the series, eager for answers. The thriller, created and written by Paul Rutman, follows June Lenker (Cush Jumbo), a young Detective Sergeant who works at an emergency call center in London. June is at the start of her career with just under two years in her career, so when she is assigned to investigate an anonymous call, June is anxious and determined to get to the bottom of things.

Unfortunately, June quickly learns that she may have stepped into something bigger than she anticipated. To further complicate things, a reputable Chief Inspector (portrayed by Peter Capaldi) seems to be doing everything in his power to get June to drop the case, which is very suspicious, to say the least.

Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

What has happened on Criminal Record so far?

By the end of the second episode, viewers still don't know the identity of the anonymous caller. What we did learn about the caller, is that it is not the same one who made the second call. We also do know that Clive Silcox (Andrew Brooke) has been captured, and we suspect Errol Mathis (Tom Moutchi) is innocent.

We know that Errol Mathis is innocent, but why? What was he threatened with? June is not going to give up on this case easily. As for Hegarty, he definitely knows more than he is sharing. But is he protecting his reputation or someone else?

3 questions Criminal Record episode 3 needs to answer

Gathering what we already know, here are the three biggest questions we hope Criminal Record episode 3 answers:

  • Who is the anonymous caller?
  • Why did Errol Mathis take the blame for Adelaide's murder?
  • Is Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty a corrupted agent?

My guess, is that the anonymous caller is working with Silcox, but not by choice. Meanwhile, Errol must've received a significant threat to get him to give a false confession. Finally, I really want for Daniel Hegarty to be a villain in this story, but I think they are just making it seem this way. Let's hope episode 3 gives us more clues!

There is no Criminal Record episode 3 teaser

Unfortunately, there is no teaser trailer for the upcoming episode. However, the trailer for the series (which we link to above) provides footage we have yet to see, giving us a clue as to what to expect. Criminal Record episode 3 is titled "Kid in the Park" and it streams on Apple TV+ this coming Wednesday, Jan. 17, at about 3 a.m. ET. Will you be watching the episode as soon as it drops or catch it at a later time? If it's the latter, be sure to stay away from social media to avoid spoilers.