Did Kate Chastain walk away with The Traitors season 2 crown? (season 2 finale recap)

After a whirlwind of an intense and crazy second season of The Traitors, we have made it to the finale. Who was left for dead, banished, and took home the big prize. We break down everything that happened in the finale.

THE TRAITORS -- "One Final Hurdle" Episode 211 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock)
THE TRAITORS -- "One Final Hurdle" Episode 211 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock) /

We started with 22 people and were down to six in the season finale. This last episode of The Traitors season 2 was one of the most dramatic and wild finales in reality TV history. From backstabbing, betrayal, and a shocking vote, we break down everything that happened including who was murdered, banished, and who took home the money.

I've been watching reality TV for around twenty years, and The Traitors season 2 belongs in the conversation for one of the greatest seasons ever. This show upped the stakes at every turn, and it never let up. The roundtables, competitions, and game-playing were some of the best we've ever seen. This finale was perfect. 

Kate Chastain walked in and said the first thing she wanted to do was redecorate LOL. She was mad. Phaedra Parks left her to clean everything up. MJ Javid had the Shield, CT Tamburello had the Muscle, Sandra Diaz-Twine was what people were talking about, and she said it's between Shereé Whitfield and Trishelle Cannatella. Ultimately, Kate picked Shereé because getting rid of her would take the pressure off herself. 

The pot was $158,100, and the competition featured a traitor's ship. All they had to do was get on the boat and raise the main sail to earn $30,000. Along the way, they could add extra money to the pot by doing side missions, and if completed within sixty minutes, the crew could add a total of $60,000. The journey was challenging, but CT did what he has done all season and carried the team to win $50,000, and the pot became $208,100. 

Who won The Traitors season 2?

The remaining contestants had to vote until they believed no one left was a traitor. This would take a few rounds as we sat in anticipation for the big reveal of if the traitors or the faithful would walk away with the prize. 

The first round of voting saw the following votes cast:

  • Kate votes Sandra
  • MJ votes MJ
  • Sandra votes Kate
  • Trishelle votes Sandra
  • CT votes Sandra

Sandra was the next person to be banished from the group. Of course, Sandra revealed that she was NOT a traitor. The contestants were faced with a choice of ending the game or banishing again. Trishelle, CT, and MJ voted to continue banishing, while Kate picked to end the game. 

The second round of voting saw the following votes cast:

  • Kate votes Trishelle
  • Trishelle votes Kate
  • CT votes Kate
  • MJ votes Kate

Kate was the next person banished from the show. Of course, she revealed that she's a traitor. CT, Trishelle, and MJ had the chance to vote one more time to end the game or banish another person. MJ voted to end the game, while Trishelle and CT voted to banish again. 

The third round of voting saw the following votes cast:

  • MJ votes Trishelle
  • CT votes MJ
  • Trishelle votes CT

This led to a stalemate, and they had to revote again. We saw Trishelle side with CT, voting out MJ, meaning Trishelle and CT were the final two. Of course, with neither of them being traitors, they officially won season 2!

The Traitors season 2, episode 11 is available on Peacock.