Everything to know about the upcoming movie Twisters and how it connects to original

The 1996 disaster film Twister broke onto the scene, scarring audiences worldwide. In 2024, we are getting a follow-up film titled Twisters. Glen Powell recently shared what we can expect from the film and we followed up on all the details surrounding the film.
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In 1996, a pair of advanced stormer chases joined together to create an advanced weather alert system for violent tornadoes in the film Twister. On July 19, 2024, we are getting a new spin on the movie in the Glen Powell-led Twisters. In a recent interview, he explained what we can expect from the new film. 

In 1996, Twister broke into the movie world, snagging the box office's top spot with a 41 million dollar haul. The movie stayed in the top five for eight straight weeks and made 495 million dollars worldwide. The film sparked a Universal Studios ride and set the tone for disaster movies. 

The original movie follows estranged married couple Jo (Helen Hunt) and Bill Harding (Bill Paxton). Bill is trying to get his wife to sign divorce papers so that he can marry his new girlfriend. However, Mother Nature comes tearing down Oklahoma, forcing Bill, Jo, and his girlfriend Melissa to work together to head into dangerous tornadoes and attempt to create an advanced weather alert system.

The details surrounding the upcoming movie have been kept relatively quiet. Still, a couple of theories mention the film could follow multiple tornadoes across many places, with the film's title being plural.

Glen Powell gave everyone a snippet of details surrounding the film, saying, "Humans-versus-weather is a very universal idea, how powerless we really are in the face of these cataclysmic forces." As more information comes out about the film, we will surely share it with you.

How does Twisters connect to the original?

In a recent interview promoting Anyone But You, Twisters star Glen Powell said this about the film, "It's a completely original story. There are no characters from the original movie back, so it's not a continuation. It's just its own standalone story in the modern day."

So we are getting a fresh story written by Mark L. Smith, a new director in Lee Isaac Chung, and the film stars Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, David Corenswet, and Anthony Ramos. I, for one, can't wait to see this on the big screen this summer.

Twisters is hitting theaters on July 19, 2024.

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