EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Belgravia: The Next Chapter - MGM+’s Next Generation of Belgravia’s Residents

The MGM+ series Belgravia: The Next Chapter is set to debut on the streaming platform on January 14, 2024. We have an exclusive clip where we see the two leads Frederick Trenchard and Clara Dunn meet for the first time to share with you.
l-r: Clara Trenchard played by Harriet Slater and Frederick Trenchard played by Benjamin Wainwright
l-r: Clara Trenchard played by Harriet Slater and Frederick Trenchard played by Benjamin Wainwright /

Set decades after the Julian Fellowes limited series Belgravia comes Helen Edmundson's Belgravia: The Next Chapter. Episode one of the series is set to debut on January 14, 2024, on MGM+, and we have an exclusive clip of the series to share with you.

Picking up three decades later in 1871, Belgravia: The Next Chapter is set in the affluent London district that becomes synonymous with the upper echelons of London society in the 19th century. The series will introduce new characters and relationships, promising plenty of scandals. Playwright and screenwriter Helen Edmundson adapted the series based on the novel of the same name.

If Belgravia: The Next Chapter is anything like Julian Fellowes's Belgravia, then audiences are in for a real treat. It set the tone early with fantastic work from the costume and production team that put you in the era, and the writing by Fellowes had plenty of twists and turns from the characters that kept you wanting more.

Belgravia: The Next Chapter cast

With the series set decades after Belgravia, it boasts a predominantly new cast. However, two members of the original cast reprise their roles, Alice Eve and Richard Goulding, who return as Susan and Oliver Trenchard.

  • Harriet Slater as Clara Dunn
  • Benjamin Wainwright as Frederick Trenchard
  • Edward Bluemel as Dr. Stephen Ellerby
  • Toby Regbo as Rev. James Trenchard
  • Hannah Onslow as Emily Dunn
  • Sophie Thompson as Mrs. Dunn
  • Claude Perron as The Marquise D'Etagnac
  • Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard
  • Richard Goudling as Oliver Trenchard

Belgravia: The Next Chapter exclusive clip

We are sharing an exclusive clip from episode one of Belgravia: The Next Chapter, which shows the first meeting between the two leads, Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard, and Clara Dunn, a newcomer to London Society. The courtship and marriage that follows is the heart of the new iteration as the troubled pasts threaten to upend their happy life.

Belgravia: The Next Chapter episode 1 debuts on Jan. 14, 2024 on MGM+.