Get a first look at Joey Graziadei and Jenn Tran in the Bachelor and 911 crossover

ABC has released the first promo for the upcoming crossover between 911 and The Bachelor for the team-up you never expected to see!
9-1-1 - New THURS APRIL 4 on ABC - Stream on Hulu
9-1-1 - New THURS APRIL 4 on ABC - Stream on Hulu / ABC

911 is doing a crossover on its new home, but it’s not the one you’d expect!

For years, the procedural drama has been a mainstay on Fox with regular crossovers with its spinoff, 911: Lone Star. Fans were stunned when Fox unexpectedly canceled the show after its sixth season, only for it to jump to ABC while Lone Star stayed at Fox. 

This has paved the way for the possibility of crossovers with other ABC shows, with The Rookie being the top choice. Showrunner Tim Minear had hinted there would be a crossover, but not with The Rookie. Now it’s confirmed that it’s with ABC's long-running reality hit, The Bachelor

This had been hinted at with ABC "leaking" a photo of an ambulance outside the famous mansion but it was unclear how large a role the show would have. It turns out, it's a pretty sizeable one.

The crossover may be nutty but then it’s not like ABC hasn’t done such quirky crossovers before as The Rookie has had a few offbeat celebrity appearances from Kelly Clarkson to others. It’s likely this is just a brief bit but it’s still fun to see and here’s your peek at which Bachelor makes an appearance!

911 crosses over with The Bachelor in a new promo

The promo, which aired after the latest episode of The Bachelor, promotes the April 4 episode of 911, which has appearances from Joey Graziadei, Jenn Tran and Jesse Palmer. The emergency appears to be an out-of-control limo accidentally running over one of the female contestants, so the team is called in. 

The promo is short but fun with Chimney doing a double take at Graziadei asking about the victim while Maddie and her co-workers are seen giggling with delight, indicating they’re huge fans of the show. Palmer is also shown leading the team onto the scene.

It's currently unknown if this is going to be a major part of the episode or, more likely, one of the brief emergencies the team has to handle. It’s likely at least one member (bet on Bobby) has never watched The Bachelor and thus has no idea what the fuss about this is. 

It’s good promotion for 911 on its new home as Bachelor fans will tune in to see the event and give the procedural more exposure. If nothing else, it’s a fun look at how 911 can work with other ABC shows and gives hope for more crossovers with other series in the future. 

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911 season 7 airs Thursdays at 8/7 on ABC.