Get ready for two back-to-back episodes of Young Sheldon season 7 tonight! (Preview)

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This evening, we're getting two back-to-back episodes of Young Sheldon season 7 as we're only officially one week away from the grand one-hour finale. It's so bittersweet that this chapter of the Cooper story is coming to a close, but at least we have the spin-off, Georgie and Mandy's First Marriage, to look forward to. Before we get to that though, let's focus on tonight.

Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage
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Last week, season 7 episode 10 titled "Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage," saw Meemaw having to do community service as punishment for getting caught with her gambling room. Octavia Spencer guest stars as her tough probation officer, and she's great! Connie accepts volunteering at Mary's church, thinking her daughter will just log her hours without doing any actual work.

But, Mary is tough on her mom as well and forces her to get moving. Connie ends up enlisting Sheldon and does do some of the work, with some help. Elsewhere, Georgie learns how to mediate between his mother-in-law and Mandy after getitng advice from his father-in-law. That's because X was butting in and trying to force her opinions on what should be done for CeCe.

A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs
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Season 7 episode 11 preview

Alright, so let's get into the new episodes set to air this evening. Starting at 8 p.m. ET, episode 11 titled “A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs,” sees George get a vasectomy behind Mary's back when he worries she's getting baby fever, per the synopsis. CBS shared two sneak peeks related to the storyline, starting with Mandy and Georgie dropping off CeCe so Mary and George can babysit her while they go watch a movie. Or rather as Mandy says, she's going to take the opportunity to sleep at the theater.

In the next video, we see George with his besties Wayne Wilkins and Principal Tom Petersen. As this is the final season, it's great to have the guest stars that have been a part of the comedy over the years pop back in one more time! He confides his worries in them, telling the duo that he's nervous Mary might want another baby after spending time with their granddaughter. While Wayne gives the sage advice of George just being honest with his wife, Tom recommends he go behind Mary's back and get a vasectomy like he did. What will George do?

Also in the episode, Sheldon tutors Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter in string theory. I love the shoutouts to string theory as we know that's what Sheldon is going to be focusing on when he goes to study at Caltech! Based on the next set of sneak peek videos, the young genius is taking what he learned from his time in Germany at the start of the season, and he's going to teach his two mentors all about it.

A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs
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In this hilarious first-look, Sheldon and his Meemaw have a funny exchange with him wording things the wrong way, as Sheldon usually does, and Connie not taking it. Which is also usually the case. I love how she deals with Sheldon, and at least he learns his lesson a bit during the exchange. He asks for her advice on tutoring Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter, and she tells him to be understanding and patient. Yeah, not really Sheldon's forte.

Season 7 episode 12 preview

We get double Young Sheldon tonight with episode 12, “A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture” also airing starting at 8:30 p.m. ET! We shared the official synopsis from CBS below:

"George Sr. gets an exciting job offer, and Sheldon prepares for his move to California."

That exciting job offer is a coaching job at Rice University in Houston. Which would mean the Cooper family moving. Since Medford, Texas is a fictional city, it's hard to know how far away they'd be from the rest of the family. But I'm guessing far away enough where George is telling Mary in the video below that he knows moving is scary. But, Mary is actually very supportive of this decision and thinks he should take it. This is definitely a big deal and great opportunity for Geroge!

Later that day, Mary and George tell the family what's going on, and everyone has a pretty good reaction. Connie is genuinely happy for him, Missy is actually excited to be the new girl in freshman year of high school, and Mandy is a little upset they'd be losing so many babysitters. We don't get Sheldon's reaction to this news, so we'll have to wait for the episode premiere for that!

Now whether the Coopers actually end up making the move is what we're questioning. Unfortunately, the showrunners have confirmed that George's death will be addressed in Young Sheldon before the series comes to an end. After tonight's episodes, we just have the two final ones airing next week on May 16, 2024, with the highly-anticipated return of Jim Parsons as Adult Sheldon and Mayim Bialik as Amy. So this is either going to happen this evening, or in the finale. It's also sad because George is finally getting a dream job, and he either won't be able to get to it or he won't be able to work it long.

A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture
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As mentioned above, Sheldon is getting ready to make his way to Pasadena, California. It looks like part of that prep is reliving and saying goodbye to some of the things that are important to him at home. That includes his buddy Tam, who we met all the way back in season 1 (and see again in an episode of The Big Bang Theory). The two used to take their lunches in the library, and are doing that once again.

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