Jordan's "death" brings new life to Claire on The Young and the Restless

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Jordan drank poison and died on The Young and the Restless. But she may not be gone forever. Claire's episode-long dream sequence left the soapy door open to viewer interpretation. Fans know that special standalone episodes do more than spotlight a character. These events also offer hints of what's to come and introduce purposeful speculation.

There was a cutaway after Colleen Zenk's character lay apparently dead on the cot in the abandoned property's basement. But what happened after Nikki, Victoria, and Claire pulled themselves together, opened the door, and alerted Victor's lone security guard that Jordan seemingly wrote herself out of the story? Did the ladies feel her heart? And if it was not beating, Jordan could have been in an inanimate state that was intended to fake death.

But even if belief were suspended to that point of speculation, Victor would have been informed that Jordan revived and ran off. That means the bodyguard would have been in on the deception, or Jordan would have overpowered him, which seems implausible.

The audience didn't see her thrown in a hole and dirt shoveled onto her stricken face. However, another reappearance would seem anticlimactic. Let's assume she will remain in hiding indefinitely or is, in fact, dead. Besides, doing so allows Claire's story to advance.

A rivalry might brew between Claire and Adam

Seeing Adam become the foil in Claire's birthday party dream, where she was the never-stolen Eve Newman, at the Genoa City Athletic Club was interesting. Many devoted fans of this iconic daytime drama likely love the visual comfort food that the GCAC represents, compared to the plastic-like lobby of the Grand Phoenix—class versus crass.

Choosing the adjective jealous works when empathizing with Adam's perspective. He has done terrible things, and many in his family still shut him out. But Claire tries to kill the whole family, and she is embraced. What gives?

One of the winks to the future is the axe Mark Grossman's character will continue to grind. That fuels his voiced distrust of Claire. Victor and the others have opened their arms to Eve, who Adam believes still holds some poisoned apples in the GC garden. Mark this conflict as a future flashpoint to be mined.

Could Claire and Kyle be the next couple on Young and the Restless?

Significant plot time was allotted to ensure viewers know that Claire enjoys working with children. Her childhood was stolen, and she has been dealing with that, in part, by bonding with the girl in the children's ward at the hospital and now by connecting with Harrison.

Summer wanted to learn more about her rediscovered cousin before potentially allowing Claire to become Harrison's new nanny. The truth Victor told Allison Lanier's character proved sobering. Add that to Nick's heavy trepidation about his miraculously returned niece, and Summer has become anti-Claire.

Meanwhile, Kyle remains suspiciously single after the hard break from Audra. His dumping of Summer always felt forced, and not formalizing a relationship with his telegraphed next romantic target seemed odd.

However, the above could mean Audra would never become Kyle's next wife. Instead, she could have been a stopping point on his way to Claire. Setting up Summer as an antagonist would preclude that.

Assume Jordan's introduction was meant to introduce Claire to the show and bring her back to the Newman family. Now Hayley Erin's second character (with her first being the younger version of Abby) must develop. That means realizing romance, a soapy staple. Hello, Kyle.


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