Jordan tries to dunk on Nikki before March Madness (The Young and the Restless spoilers Mar. 18-22)

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On Friday, Mar. 15's episode of The Young and the Restless, children took precedence as Harrison and Connor received their parents' attention. Tucker is frustrated after Ashley's pursuit of him continues, and Audra again says she wants to break from him. Victoria updates Claire on Jordan's plight.

Here are the spoilers for this week:

Monday, Mar. 18: Victor is surprised by Nikki's request. Billy is clued into Ashley's compromised condition. Claire's ability to connect with Harrison develops.

Tuesday, Mar. 19: Nick and Victoria are pressured by their father. Chelsea feels responsible for Connor's struggles. Nikki's desire to create closure with Jordan does not work.

Wednesday, Mar. 20: Claire struggles to adjust to her new life. The Newman family offers support as she tries to deal with the ongoing impact of breaking from Jordan.

Thursday, Mar. 21: Coverage of college basketball's March Madness preempts today's show.

Friday, Mar. 22: Coverage of college basketball preempts the show again today.

Viewers saw the teaser scene at the end of last week's episode, which included intriguing glimpses into this week's scenes. Nikki, Victoria and Hayley Erin's character visit Jordan in the makeshift jail Victor created. So, fans expect Nikki's request is for that location intel. Billy sensed that Ashley was not herself when seeing her at Society's bar.

Devoted daytime devotees know that the start of a new path for a character can be preset. The groundwork appears to have been laid in recent weeks by having Claire visit the children's ward at the hospital, where she made friends with a young girl. That leads to Harrison responding positively to Claire's sense of humor at Crimson Lights.

Kyle remains single, while Summer is now in a relationship with Chance. So, Claire's bond with Harrison can open the door to a romantic connection with his father.

Victor still heads the show at Newman Enterprises. He is leery of alienating Adam, with Victoria and Nick arguably less likely to drift. So, the anticipated pressure the Mustache applies to his two older children is plausible.

Chelsea will come down on herself, blaming Connor's OCD diagnosis on herself. That should create another opportunity for Billy to support her and reinforce his growing importance in Chelsea's life.

Would Victor allow Nikki, Victoria, and Claire to literally reopen the door to Jordan without a massive security team waiting outside? Fans will learn when the next chapter of his soapy tale unfolds during this truncated week.


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