Life hacks we learned from Joey Tribbiani on Friends

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Joey Tribbiani is a character portrayed by Matt LeBlanc in the hit series Friends, which ran for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004. Joey was promiscuous and good-natured, albeit a little dim, but despite not being so "wisdomous," he taught viewers some great life hacks and lessons.

Pin number hack

In season 5, Joey (Matt LeBlanc), while working at a casino in Las Vegas, calls Pheobe (Lisa Kudrow) to find out his forgotten PIN number for his ATM card. He asks her to go to the ATM as he has scratched the number on the machine. She exclaims, "Oh, so you're 5639!" Joey thanks her for remembering the number, but keen fans realize that Joey has used the numbers that spell out JOEY on the keypad! Genius!

Stay childish

While perhaps not a life hack, it is a good one to remember. Keeping a childish streak in your life can only make it better. Joey keeps this up by playing video games and foosball, always enjoying a sandwich and great pizza, exclusively reading comics, and being attached to his stuffed penguin, Hugsy and has a Cabbage Patch Kid whom he named Alicia May Emory

Jellyfish stings

During a trip to the beach Joey remembers information from a documentary that will help Monica (Courtney Cox) who was stung by a jellyfish. In the re-telling of the story everyone is horrified when they too remember what is supposed to help. While Joey was the one to remember the useful knowledge, that the sting should be urinated on, he got stage friend and it was left up to Chandler to save the day. He tells them "That’s right, I stepped up! She’s my friend and she needed help. If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you!"

How to truly not care when things bring you down

During season 4, when the girls, after losing a bet, move into the boy's apartment, Monica is frantically looking for what a switch in the apartment is used for. When she asks Joey, he states that the switch does nothing, a fact he was fine with. She then asks him "How can you not care?" He simply says, "Like this" and shrugs. What a perfect way to really not give a crap about things you can't do anything about.

Maternity pants will help with over eating on Thanksgiving

In season 8, Monica, tired of all the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinners past, announces she won't be making a turkey. Joey is appaled since it is tradition to have turkey on the holiday and vows to eat the entire 19# turkey. By the end of the episode he completes the task which wearing Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) stretchy maternity pants. Brilliant!

Always be prepared, especially for food

During the episode with all the cheesecakes, Rachel and Chandler are caughting eating the best cheesecake they ever tasted from the hallway floor. During a fight over the cake, it falls to the floor but since it is do delectible, they proceed to eat it anyway. Along comes Joey, and just went you think he is going to be judgemental, he pulls a fork from his jacket and states, "Alright, what are we having?" You can never be too prepared.

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