As much as we love this devil, a Lucifer season 7 is not what fans needed

The Netflix series starring the charismatic and suave Tom Ellis was a unique story that garnered adoring fans. But the show came to a natural end and didn't need to go on. Here's why we think so.

I will be the first to tell you that I was, and still am, a big fan of Lucifer. The charismatic and suave Tom Ellis brought such a great spin to the character, and those rare emotional beats were some of the best. His acting is stellar! The Netflix series had such a unique spin to an interesting idea, and the show and its characters were compelling, standing out amongst the many other productions out there on TV.

I think in most cases when something good comes to an end, we should leave it at that. Sometimes revivals will work, but a lot of times you just don't get the same feel. Now whether a show deserved an additional season is a different story. In my opinion, I don't think a Lucifer season 7 was needed and I'm glad it didn't happen.


Lucifer season 7 would have drawn the story out

By the end of season 6, the story was wrapped up for all the main characters. Lucifer went on this tremendous character arc journey since we met him in season 1. He went from being self-centered and not caring for anyone, to creating a family on Earth through both friends and Chloe. Amenadiel became God, while Linda continued to be the best therapist in town while raising their literal angel son as Amenadiel continued to be involved.

Maze and Eve got married and found purpose in their bounty hunter business, as Ella and Carol remained happy in their relationship and she started the STEM program to encourage young girls to go in the field. Plus, Dan was able to move on to Heaven and reunite with Charlotte. Now as for our favorite couple, things didn't really end the way most of us wanted them to.

Realizing he has a chance to help other souls in Hell and not wanting to change his daughter Rory's future, Lucifer decides to go to Hell and stay there to act as a therapist himself of sorts. Chloe agrees and they spend years and years apart as she grows old. And Rory grows up thinking her dad didn't care about her at all. By the end when Chloe passes away, she and Lucifer are reunited in Hell and get to spend the rest of eternity together.


Of course this part made us happy! But what didn't make many fans happy, myself included, is the fact that our favorite devil missed out on a whole life with Chloe and his daughter. Perhaps she'll go down to visit her parents in Hell now. But still. I get where the writers were going in terms of showing how unselfish he's become. But I think for someone who grew so much over the seasons, he deserved better.

And that's why I think if the show went on, honestly the writers would have done something else to not make us happy. Shows sometimes will go on for way longer than they should, and it hurts the overall story. And that's what would have happened with Lucifer. There's only so much you can tell, that was enough. The character arcs and the story came to a natural end. It would have just been drawing things out if the show continued.

What else could they have done? Focus on Rory? No offense, but I kind of found her to be really annoying. I wouldn't have wanted to see more of where her story and journey goes. And I don't really need to see more of Amenadiel as God or Dan and Charlotte in Heaven. We get the gist.

The series gave us a look at where the main characters we've loved over the years end up, and Lucifer and Chloe had some very sweet romantic moments in season 6 before reuniting in the final moments. And that was enough for me. It definitely makes sense, and I'm happy that Lucifer season 7 didn't happen! What do you think?

All six seasons of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.

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