Luna has an agonizing decision to make (Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Feb. 12-16)

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Well, Bold fans, the moment we felt coming is almost here. Friday, Feb. 9's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful ended with Luna in Zende's bed. However, thanks to her drugged state, she thinks she's speaking to RJ, and Zende has no idea that she's under the influence. It can only go down hill from here. Let's take a look at the spoilers:

Monday, Feb. 12: Once again Li and Poppy are arguing about the latter's life choices. Luna wakes up and is alarmed by the situation she's found herself in.

Tuesday, Feb. 13: Luna and Zende have a discussion about the previous night. Poppy is stunned by what Luna shares with her.

Wednesday, Feb. 14: Brooke champions Luna's commitment in a conversation with RJ. Poppy puts the pieces together and realizes that responsibility for what happened with Luna may lie at her doorstep.

Thursday, Feb. 15: Luna's shocked by the prospect that her mother is to blame for her cheating on RJ. Zende's offered a new opportunity by Eric.

Friday, Feb. 16: Poppy and Luna's confession rocks Zende. Luna must decide what she's going to do.

As you can see, the week of Feb. 12 is going to be dominated by the RJ/Luna/Zende triangle and the aftermath of whatever is set to go down between Luna and Zende. I do appreciate that we're going to be moving full speed ahead with the reveal that Poppy's pills play a major role in what happened. This isn't a story that's going to coast. However, outside of what happened, the big question is whether or not Luna will tell RJ.

Part of me feels like she won't just because that'll prolong the drama so that the betrayal is even sharper. But I think it really depends on what it is that Eric is offering Zende. If it's something hugely significant or it's something that will have the cousins working together, the writers may choose to sit on the reveal that Luna and Zende were intimate enough for it to be labeled as cheating.

I'm interested in finding out. It'll also add to Luna's character. When push comes to shove is she as honest as she thinks she is. And, when the truth does come out, will RJ be as forgiving as he wanted Liam to be when he insisted that love can conquer anything. He'd never gone through betrayal before when he put forth that notion, now he's about be tested. How will he handle his own heartbreak?

What we do know is that the Forresters have a long history of dalliances, mistakes, affairs, misunderstandings, and unfortunate circumstances. While RJ might struggle, his family could be big supporters of Luna even with this having happened. They all sing her praises that may not change. We'll have to see.

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