Luna winds up in a bed that's not RJ's (Bold and the Beautiful Feb. 9, 2024 recap)

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

The stars of yesterday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful were Donna and Eric but today on the soap, all of our eyes were on Luna. As the Forresters continued to toast to the newlyweds' love and nuptials, we were wondering just when Luna would accidentally take one of her mom's pills thinking that she was popping a mint.

The moment came when RJ led Luna over to the stairs so they could have some alone time. He wanted to tell her that he loves her and sneak a kiss, but she interrupted him briefly so she could freshen her breath. The combination of the drug and the champagne she was sipping led to Luna becoming giggly as the festivities went on.

No one seemed to notice that something was a bit off about the young woman. Zende took the time to chat her up whenever RJ stepped away from her which left me rolling my eyes. He shared that if she needs anything, or gets bored of her boyfriend, she could come find him at the guest house on the property. He also disclosed that he couldn't take his eyes off her to which she giggled and asked, "Really?"

As her energy began to flag, Luna took another pill, but it only briefly perked her up before she was tired once more. Deciding to call it quits, she let RJ know that she was going to leave. He asked if she wanted to say goodbye to Eric and Donna, but she thought it'd be better for her to slip out quietly and let everyone continue to enjoy the party.

RJ offered to drive Luna home, but his grandfather just got married, so she didn't want to pull him away from his family. She assured him that she'd just call a car. He let her go reluctantly, but it was obvious that he was second guessing his choice before he returned to mingle with his loved ones.

Unfortunately, Luna didn't end up leaving Eric's estate. She got thirsty and when she looked through the guest house's window and saw water bottles she decided to enter and get one for herself. Somewhere between gulping down a lot of water and getting comfortable, Luna climbed into Zende's bed. He found her there after he decided to call it a night himself.

Zende didn't notice her at first as he was tired as well, but when he took in her belongings, he looked over his shoulder and found her under the covers. He was surprised but pleased to see Luna there. What's bound to happen next week on the soap is sure to make everyone uncomfortable and sad since Zende's under the impression that Luna sought him out like he suggested and she's so drugged that she thinks she's interacting with RJ. Hopefully things don't go too far between the two.

As this was all going down, Poppy was once more telling Bill that he's not Luna's father. She appreciates that he would take care of her if she were his daughter, but she's not. This just proved to Bill that Poppy isn't a gold digger like Li says she is because she could have secured Luna's future by lying to him about her parentage.

At one point in their conversation, Poppy went to take one of her pills, but she couldn't find them. She even emptied her purse but no luck. She was concerned, but she went on with her date despite not knowing where she might have put them. We know exactly where they are and it looks like like Luna's good fortune is about to come up short.

See you in the next recap, Bold fans. If you're behind on the soap, you're definitely going to want to catch up. Stream new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful on Paramount+.