The Forrester wedding we've all been waiting for finally happens (Bold and the Beautiful recap Feb. 8, 2024)

Jennifer Gareis. The Bold and the Beautiful.
Jennifer Gareis. The Bold and the Beautiful. /

Eric and Donna tied the knot! It was a beautiful affair today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Donna said, "Yes," to her honeybear's proposal just like we all knew she would. But she couldn't have predicted that he planned to marry her right on the spot. Good thing she was already in that gorgeous white gown. I love when the writers give us a wink at what's to come while the characters are left in the dark.

At first, Donna was concerned that not everyone was there. Steffy, Finn, Thomas, and Hope were noticeably absent at this event, but Eric wanted to press on. His new motto is carpe diem, and he didn't want to wait any longer to make her his wife. Donna realized she didn't want to wait either so Carter carried out the ceremony in the living room.

The couple exchanged loving vows before their family who watched on with nothing but adoration in their eyes. Personally, I could have done without Zende's repeated glances over at Luna and RJ but, other than that, the ceremony truly was special. Donna finally got her dream, she's once again married to the love of her life.

Meanwhile, at Il Giardino, Bill asked Poppy directly if he's Luna's father. He worked himself up to the question, letting her know that her daughter has him, too. But she told him the same thing she told Luna, he is not her dad. He pressed just in case Poppy wasn't being honest, but it was clear she was telling him the truth.

Apparently, the time doesn't work out. This was disappointing for Bill as it seemed that he was hoping to find out that Luna was his. He wanted to take care of them both since he didn't have the opportunity to do so two decades ago, it wouldn't have been an obligation to him. But it was interesting that he appeared to clock Poppy's emphasis that it's always been her and Luna against the world.

It does look like no matter who Luna's father is, Poppy has no interest in bringing the man into the equation. I do wonder if that's because of he is.

See you in the next recap, Bold fans!