Phaedra's in the hot seat in The Traitors season 2 episode 9 (recap)

The Traitors season 2, episode 9 was jam-packed and full of drama. We share everything that went down in the episode.
THE TRAITORS -- "A Killer Move" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Phaedra Parks -- (Photo by:PEACOCK)
THE TRAITORS -- "A Killer Move" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Phaedra Parks -- (Photo by:PEACOCK) /

We are winding down to the final few episodes of season 2 of The TraitorsWith another traitor recruited, a costly mistake saw the faithful possibly bouncing on another traitor. We share everything that happened in this week's episode, including who was murdered and eliminated. 

Of course, last week, we saw Peter overplaying his hands for a second straight week, and because of that, he saw his feet put to the fire with several people questioning his gameplaying. With Pavarti out of the game, Phaedra tried to recruit a new traitor, but did she accept? 

Did Kate accept Phaedra’s offer to be a traitor?

Phaedra walked into the dungeon where she approached Kate with the ultimatum. She told her she either joins her as a traitor or she will be the one murdered. With her back against the wall, Kate accepted her deal to become a traitor.

Who was murdered by the traitors?

Phaedra and Kate brought up several people, including Kevin, Peter, and Trishelle. They were worried that Peter might have the shield. Of course, they didn't know that Trishelle is the one with the shield, so if they decided to murder her, it wouldn't look good. Ultimately, Phaedra and Kate decided to murder Kevin.

How much money was added to the pot?

In this episode's game each of the contestants names were on stained glass windows. What they had to do was shoot the windows with the crossbow. They had break every window minus one, and the lone person left would receive the shield. The group began with 25,000 dollars, but every miss caused them to lose $250. After many misses, the team walked away with $15,250, and CT ended up getting the shield.

Who was banished from the show?

Well, after yet another eventful roundtable where we saw Phaedra say, "This isn't The Bachelor; I don't have to kiss your ass to get a rose," to Peter. He and his pals fought to say Phaedra was a traitor. We got four votes for Peter and four for Phaedra, with the final vote being MJ, and PEACOCK GAVE US A CLIFFHANGER. So, nobody was banished this week.

Yet another monumental, incredible, and wild episode that left us clinging onto our seats for next week's episode. Who will be eliminated? My votes on MJ voting for Peter.

The Traitors season 2, episode 9 is available on Peacock.