The Traitors season 2 episode 8 recap: The traitors numbers are dwindling

The Traitors season 2 episode 8 was jam-packed and full of drama. We share everything that went down in the episode.

THE TRAITORS -- "Blood on Their Hands" Episode 207 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK)
THE TRAITORS -- "Blood on Their Hands" Episode 207 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK) /

The creators of The Traitors threw us for a loop last week with no roundtable, but the group had the chance to spare someone from murder. This ruffled everyone's feathers, leading to Pavarti, Bergie, Trishelle, Kate, and MJ, the five remaining people the traitors could murder. Who do they murder? How much money do they add to the pot, and who was banished? We break down everything that went down in episode 8. 

The Traitors is heading toward the final couple of episodes of season 2 where we will see the faithful taking down the traitors. However, Peter continued to overplay his hand, leading to a massive momentum shift that could jeopardize his time on the show. This was yet another incredible episode where the roundtable provides a MUST-watch TV. 

Who was murdered by the traitors?

So we know the traitors had to select amongst Pavarti, Bergie, Trishelle, Kate, and MJ. We knew that Pavarti wouldn't be eliminated, and Phaedra and Pavarti talked up both Bergie and Trishelle with the understanding of splitting up part of Peter's Pales. After debating, Pavarti said she wanted to eliminate Peter, but Bergie was the next best thing. So Bergie has been murdered. 

How much money was added to the pot?

Our team of faithful and traitors arrived at a cabin where Dr. Will (from Big Brother) awaited them for their next game. They were locked in the cabin and had to find their way out. Up to $20,000 in gold was stored in the house, and they were given 30 minutes to find it and escape. If they escape or bow out of the competition, a thousand dollars will be deducted per person.

After a long battle that saw four people quit, the team walked away with $15,000 to add to the pot, but $4,000 was taken away because of those who quit, adding $11,000 to the pot, bringing the total to $114,500.

Who was eliminated from The Traitors?

At the table, we had a massive battle between Trishelle calling out Phaedra and Kate going after Peter for flipping on his thoughts about Pavarti. Although Peter thought he had the numbers, a 7-4 vote eliminated Pavarti from the game. She revealed she was a traitor, which was a shock to no one.

The episode ended with host Alan Cummings discussing things with Phaedra, saying she could recruit someone for her team. Either the person takes the offer, or they are murdered. Phaedra made the quick decision to pick Kate. I'm not entirely sure I love the pick, but I'm not sure Phaedra could trust anyone else, and after having her back at the table, it was the smart pick.

The Traitors season 2, episode 8 is available on Peacock.