Poppy catches on that her "mints" affected Luna after all (Bold and the Beautiful Feb. 13, 2024 recap)

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Poppy was adamant on today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful that the decision she's made to take recreational drugs wouldn't impact her daughter, Luna. Li was highly skeptical and believed that her "mints" would bring trouble the girl's way. Well, she wasn't wrong and Poppy realized this as Luna filled her in on her night.

When Luna entered their apartment, Poppy had been under the impression that she'd spent the night at RJ's Malibu beach house after attending Eric's soiree. She was shocked to learn that her daughter had actually found herself in his cousin Zende's bed instead.

Poppy listened closely as a distraught Luna explained that she didn't know how it happened. She'd only had two glasses of champagne. When Poppy inquired into whether she'd had anything to eat, Luna did admit that she hadn't really eaten and that she'd had some mints. Luna didn't see her mom's reaction to that revelation because she pulled her into a hug, but Poppy was floored.

She's been in search of her "mints" since she realized they weren't in her purse the night before, but she never would have thought they would have made their way into Luna's possession. Though this hasn't been voiced by her yet, Poppy knows that it's her "mints" that were the culprit. Luna already ruled out her drink being spiked. She'd been at an event with people she trusts and who respect her, that includes Zende.

Luna has been very clear about where she lays the blame for what happened, and it's not at his doorstep. The two see their night together as being consensual but, while it was beautiful for Zende, it ended up being a nightmare for Luna because she'd hallucinated that it was RJ she was getting intimate with. Both of them have been left devastated by what transpired. Luna because she's betrayed RJ, and Zende because he's inadvertently hurt the woman he likes, who he thought was opening up to the possibility of having a romance. The tears were aplenty today as they processed everything.

We'll have to see where the show goes from here with the two. Luna is very much in love with RJ but, if she chooses not to tell him about Zende, she'll have an intimate secret with his cousin. Thankfully, we can breathe a sigh of relief now that it's been confirmed that the pair did use protection so there won't be any pregnancy scares in our future. Luna is going through enough as it is.

RJ, however, might start questioning what's up with his girlfriend. He grew concerned when Luna wouldn't answer his texts or his calls. She did eventually pick up the phone while she was still at Zende's place, but her distress was apparent. RJ assumed she wasn't feeling well but all Luna did was apologize to him and hang up. She didn't take him up on his offer to stop by her apartment for obvious reasons.

Brooke was there to assure her son that all would be well with Luna in due time. She, like the rest of the Forrester family, is rooting for the young couple. I am, too, honestly. But their love story has hit its first speed bump.

See you in the next recap, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!