Queen Latifah and more the Ghosts cast hope to see in season 4

Ghost Queen Latifah? Following the dramatic season finale, the cast of Ghosts shares what they hope to see in season 4!
“Isaac’s Wedding” – Isaac’s wedding day jitters are exacerbated by the arrival of a surprise guest, on the third season finale of the CBS Original series GHOSTS,.
“Isaac’s Wedding” – Isaac’s wedding day jitters are exacerbated by the arrival of a surprise guest, on the third season finale of the CBS Original series GHOSTS,. /

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Ghosts season 3 finale!

The hit comedy series Ghosts aired a super funny and heartfelt finale with some unexpected (and unfortunate) twists for Isaac heading into season 4. Woodstone Manor threw quite the wedding for Isaac and Nigel, and even though the episode ended with several ghosts vowing their love to one another, it wasn't Nigel and Isaac who ended up getting married!

In a twist, Isaac put an end to the ceremony with Nigel at the altar, but the day's events led Thor and Flower to profess their love (and Pete's former wife married a British soldier ghost, but as Sam said, that's "peripheral"). With Pete learning about the boundaries of his ghost gift and a series of what feels like happy endings, fans were teased with one last-second cliffhanger where Isaac was secretly set-up and kidnapped by Patience with the help of the basement ghosts!

Having an almost-blank slate heading into season 4 (we're going to save you, Isaac!), the cast and creators of Ghosts spoke on what they hope to see on the series next season, and which new characters they'd like to see enter Woodstone Manor as ghosts.

What does the Ghosts cast want to see in season 4?

At an panel hosted by CBS ahead of the Ghosts season 3 finale, the cast spoke about their experiences working on the show and what they'd like to see happen when the series returns next season. Asher Grodman, who plays everyone's favorite pantsless ghost Trevor, shared that he wants to see the ghosts continue to discover more about who they are and what they can do.

"I think it's very rare that you have a show that can feed such different personalities and keep those personalities growing," Grodman said. "To see everyone change and grow and bring in new ideas... is so much fun. We're always trying to surprise each other."

Holes Are Bad, Ghosts

Román Zaragoza added that he also hopes the unique stories and situations keep thriving in Ghosts season 4. "This is the show that you see some weird things, like a British soldier from the revolutionary war doing a lap dance. What other show are you going to see that?" he said. And after getting more clarity on Pete's limitations with leaving Woodstone Manor in the finale, Richie Moriarty is looking forward to seeing what "other adventures" Pete will be able to go on next season.

But there was one ghost who had a very specific request for Ghosts season 4. When asked about adding new characters into the mix, Danielle Pinnock, who plays Alberta, knew exactly who she wanted to invite as a guest ghost. "I want Queen Latifah to be on this show. I think this would be a great crossover for The Equalizer," Pinnock joked. "I just love her so much, and she's a singer. She could play the ghost of Bessie Smith to reprise the role that she played in the movie. She would just be fabulous."

While I'd love to see Pinnock's dream come true -- who wouldn't want to see Queen Latifah reprise Bessie Smith as a ghost?? -- I don't know if that's in the cards for the series. Fingers crossed! But Rebecca Wisocky, who plays Hetty, said the special sauce for season 4 is just to get the band back together. "It's really fun to get to watch these people who we've come to love and respect and admire and delight in so much do their thing and be funny," she said. "That's the best part, is to just watch everyone else shine."

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