So Help Me Todd star tapped for a series regular role in new CBS medical drama Watson

Fans of So Help Me Todd should be happy to know one of its big stars has landed a new gig in CBS' Watson series!
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It’s some good news for fans of So Help Me Todd, as one star from the canceled CBS drama has already lined up a new gig! Find out more on who and where here!

So Help Me Todd fans are still reeling from CBS’ unexpected cancellation of the well-received legal dramedy. What's worse is the producers were so sure of renewal that they crafted a big cliffhanger and plans for season 3. Sadly, that will never come to be so we’ll never know the fate of the characters.

That includes Inga Schlingmann as Susan, Todd’s ex-girlfriend and a lawyer at the legal firm he investigates for. A subplot was Susan and Todd fighting their old feelings as they work together. Indeed, in an interview with Deadline, showrunner Scott Prendergrast revealed that had the series continued, the pair would eventually have gotten back together.

Thankfully, Schlingmann isn’t out of work for long as she and Eve Harlow are joining the upcoming CBS drama, Watson. As the name implies, this is a spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes character, John Watson, known for aiding Holmes on his cases. 

This new version stars Morris Chestnut as Watson, who, after Holmes’ apparent death, has returned to his old work running a medical center. But Watson can’t let go of solving mysteries, this time of the medical variety. 

The series was ordered to CBS for mid-season in 2025. Rochelle Aytes has reportedly been cast though SWAT producers hope she can recur for season 8.

Who does Inga Schlingmann play in Watson?

Per Deadline, Schlingmann will play “the unflappable Dr. Sasha Lubbock. While most people question how she had the time and energy to double-board in both rheumatology and immunology, Watson knows it’s because Sasha thrives in bifurcated conditions. Having grown up torn between two families — her birth parents in central China, and her adoptive, religious family in Dallas, Texas — Sasha’s southern charm is parallel only to the ambition that landed her in one of the world’s most prestigious genetics clinics.”

That should be a good showcase for Schlingmann’s charms and humor playing an intelligent woman matching up to Watson. Reportedly the actress as a background in medicine. When she was attending NYU, she shadowed cardiothoracic surgeors working at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She also worked as a birth doula with Americorp after she graduated.

Meanwhile, Harlow (known for The Night Agent) will play “Ingrid Derian, an accomplished neurologist whom Dr. Watson (Chestnut) recruits to work at his clinic not only because he recognizes her indisputable skill, but because she herself is a mystery Watson looks forward to solving. Ingrid reminds him of his late friend, Sherlock Holmes, and values her ruthless and sometimes questionable practices… but the rest of her teammates will wonder — and worry — who is the real Ingrid Derian, and what is she hiding?”

The show is still adding more cast members as it prepares for production. So while So Help Me Todd fans would wish for a third season, at least one of its stars has landed a new show quickly. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage, we'll keep you posted on what's coming to CBS during the 2024-2025 TV season.

So Help Me Todd seasons 1-2 streaming on Paramount+.

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