[Spoiler]'s cause of death is revealed on Bold and the Beautiful (and a suspect is possibly ruled out)

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We heard the death knell ringing last episode on The Bold and the Beautiful but, on July 2, we got confirmation that Tom has died on the soap. The Il Giardino waiter/delivery man gave a crowd rousing performance at Deacon's eatery and then promptly collapsed once his set was finished.

Finn came to the restaurant the following day to tell Deacon in-person what had happened to Tom. The preliminary tests are in and his death has been ruled an accidental overdose. This shocked Deacon as he knows that Tom was in recovery. But Finn was adamant that though the full toxicology report has yet to come in, they can safely say Tom had a relapse and his body couldn't handle it.

We know, however, that wasn't the case at all. As Deacon said, Tom felt he had a new lease on life. He had a steady job at Il Giardino, he was performing again thanks to the restauranteur giving him the stage (and the promo) to showcase his music. Not to mention, someone clearly dosed his drink. Tom had been going on about needing to find the sports drink he'd been carrying everywhere with him. When he found it, someone had already poured a mysterious powder into it.

The soap didn't name the drug and possibly won't be we do know that there was nothing accidental about Tom's death. Someone murdered him, now what's left is for the other characters to catch on and the killer be found out. I'd say brought to justice but depending on who it is, we could be in for a cover-up or some way of explaining what happened that'll keep them out of jail.

One person we can likely rule out as a suspect is Poppy Nozawa. Yes, she was very maudlin today on The Bold and the Beautiful but it seemed to be over the fight she'd gotten into with Tom. She told Bill her life now is far from the one she led before him, particularly as a younger woman raising Luna on her own. While she'd shared that it felt like her old life was dead, it turns out that might not have been the writers hint hint wink, winking at us.

Poppy seemed genuinely shocked by the news that Tom had died. Bill was so busy relaying what the article said about him that he barely bothered to look at her as he spoke. So Poppy's reactions didn't have an audience besides us and she was doing her best not to tip off Bill that she'd been rocked by what he told her. This gives the impression that she's going to hide her connection to Tom, which was something she was already trying to do.

With how heavy handed the soap was today attempting to convince viewers that Luna and Poppy probably shouldn't be so secure in Bill being Luna's biological father, it doesn't look like Poppy's going to be able to keep her past a secret for long.

We'll keep you posted as more news comes in. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote!

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