Suits: LA is noticeably absent from NBC's 2024-2025 schedule. Is it no longer moving forward?

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NBC has dropped its schedule for the 2024-2025 TV season. While the slate boasts a bevy of new scripted dramas and comedies coming for the next television year, there was one program noticeably absent from the line-up. Suits: LA.

The legal drama is one of the network's buzziest titles but it's yet to receive a greenlight for a pick-up. Its pilot was ordered after the smash hit success of its predecessor, Suits, on Netflix. The USA Network series premiered over a decade ago in 2011 but has found new life on streaming. So much so that this spin-off got the go ahead for development and the flagship will be coming back to broadcast in the fall.

Why isn't Suits: LA making a debut in time for Fall TV? Well, according to the network, they're still deciding on whether to pick the series up for order. The press release for NBC's schedule included the following lines: "With NBC’s 52-week scheduling strategy, these pilots – if picked up to series – could air later in the 2024-25 season or roll over to the 2025-26 season."

This was in reference to the Suits spin-off and the drama Grosse Point Garden Society. As such, if the series does get the green light, the earliest we could see it is the midseason. Though, it's more likely that the show will get held for the 2025-2026. I say this because NBC is launching two dramas in the coming television year--Brilliant Minds in the fall and The Hunting Party in the midseason. This is on top of the comedies, Happy's Place and St. Denis Medical.

While Suits: LA could slot into this fold, the network may want to wait to see how their two new dramas fair and worry about launching this spin-off next fall particularly with the schedule packed like this and household names leading their programs. We'll keep you posted as more news comes in about the spin-off.

There's been no word on if cast members from the flagship will be reprising their roles for the new series if it does get a full order. While the show will be connected to the original via a shared universe, it's focus is Ted Black (Stephen Amell), a former federal prosecutor who is now working for an renowned law firm in Los Angeles. While the focus will be the case work and a mix of the personal and professional lives of the firm's employees, the show will also center on Ted's past and the mystery shrouding why he left behind everything and everyone he loved years ago.

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