Summer's heat could trigger a romance for Kyle and Claire on Young and the Restless


Kyle Abbott is fond of Claire Grace Newman Howard on The Young and the Restless. Hardcore viewers know that the chemistry between these characters, and their status as single people, make them primed to be a potential couple on the soap. But Kyle's ex-wife Summer Newman is adamant that Claire stay away from her family.

Her attitude toward Hayley Erin's again exonerated character could push forward romantic momentum between Claire and Kyle. Summer recently demand that Claire be nowhere near Harrison for the foreseeable future. That likely will create the unintended consequence of pushing Kyle closer to the woman she doesn't trust.

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Kyle Abbott has moved on from Audra Charles

For a while, it seemed like Kyle and Audra were the next destined couple in Genoa City, Wisconsin. However, that relationship proved transactional when the business ruse Kyle attempted with Tucker collapsed. Audra cared for Kyle pretending otherwise. He initially paired with her in response to Summer having withheld information from him about Phyllis being alive.

Viewers may have sensed that the storyline was pushed as Kyle's behavior seemed a long stretch. Summer's actions in protecting Phyllis from being arrested after she faked her death were not only reasonable but justifiable. Nevertheless, that plot connected Kyle and Audra, but it went nowhere.

Claire Grace Newman Howard moves beyond drama

Claire came to town with intention. At that time in the plot, she was forwarding her great-aunt's concocted revenge plot. Devoted and new fans alike learned that a character who had never been seen before, Jordan, held the Newman family to blame for the death of her sister, Eve Howard.

As Claire came to learn, Jordan lied to her. Victoria and Cole never abandoned Claire. Instead, Jordan stole her at birth and used the body of a deceased newborn to make them believe their daughter, Eve, had died. Instead, she'd been kidnapped and her name changed to Claire.

Months later, Claire is firmly entrenched in the Newman family. She is seemingly heading towards a career that involves working with children, potentially starting with Harrison.

Summer Newman does not trust her cousin

Claire is not a stranger. She is Summer's rediscovered blood cousin. So, this nicely soapy scenario has Kyle's longtime love and ex-wife, Summer, emotionally opposed to Claire being in contact with Harrison.

Kyle's son, whom Summer warmly embraced as her own, bonded with Claire before Jordan kidnapped them. She is the ideal person to help him cope with all that Colleen Zenk's engrossing villain did to their psyches. Who better than Claire to know how to face the horror of the assumed dead Jordan?

Summer does not trust Claire. Kyle does, and so does Harrison. That flashpoint trends toward Kyle, allowing Claire to at least meet with him, if not become his new nanny. Making that short leap, Summer's anticipated response will spark Kyle's defense of Hayley Erin's likable second persona on this iconic soap opera.

The additional jump from that moment to Kyle and Claire becoming romantically involved is a classic daytime projection.


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