The stars of Prime Video's Mr. and Mrs. Smith (and where you've seen them before)

Donald Glover, Maya Erskine
Donald Glover, Maya Erskine /

If you are searching for something new and exciting to watch over the coming weekend, look no further than Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime Video.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith may be based on the 2005 action-comedy of the same name, but that's where the similarities stop. For starters, Prime Video's Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a TV series that consists of eight episodes, all of which will be available to stream on the platform on Friday, Feb. 2. And, this time, the two agents the story focuses on know they are agents. They were paired together as a married couple, John and Jane Smith, to complete their new assignment.

In the movie, two agents are married without knowing that they are each agents working for competing agencies. The series is taking a different approach here, which should be interesting to see. And since all episodes will drop on Prime Video at once, it gives you something to binge over the weekend. Additionally, the spy comedy features several familiar faces, including Donald Glover. Here's where you may recognize the cast from.

Donald Glover is John Smith

Donald Glover stars as "John Smith," a super spy who is paired with "Jane Smith" for his latest mission. The actor is known for his roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the comedy Community, and the FX drama Atlanta, among several other projects. But, Glover is arguably even more popular for his work in the music industry. In music, Glover is professionally know as Childish Gambino. His latest album was released in 2020, titled 3.15.20.

Maya Erskine is Jane Smith

Maya Erskine takes on the role of "Jane Smith," John's (Glover) pretend wife in their latest task. The Los Angeles-born actress is best known for her role as Maggie in the romcom FX series Man Seeking Woman, as well as the comedy PEN15. Erskine has also starred in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith supporting cast

With Mr. & Mrs. Smith being a spy-comedy, all character names are pretty secretive. Paul Dano (The Batman, The Fabelmans) is credited as "Hot Neighbor," in the series. Parker Posey (Beau Is Afraid, Thelma, Lost in Space) is "Other Jane," and Wagner Moura (Narcos: Mexico, Shining Girls) is "Other John." Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy), however, will play "Toby Hellinger" and John Turturro (The Batman, Severance) will appear as Eric Shane, nothing is known about their roles, though.