The Young and the Restless spoilers (Feb. 12-16): Jordan targets Victor through Nikki

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On Friday, Feb. 9's episode of The Young and the Restless, Ashley returned home from Paris, believing Tucker bribed the waiter. Phyllis remains convinced Danny has romantic feelings for her while he and Christine acknowledge their renewed connection. Billy told Mamie and Nate that he was siding with Jill.

Let's look at the spoilers at a glance:

  • Monday, Feb. 12: Victor and Victoria are anxious about Nikki's drinking. Billy consoles Chelsea. Ashley believes the Abbotts are turning against her.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13: Tucker gets into it with Ashley again. Summer is pursued by Chance, while Nick and Phyllis might have reconciliation potential.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14: Victor relays disturbing information to Nikki. An unexpected individual visits Claire. Adam goes above and beyond for Sally.
  • Thursday, Feb. 15: Victor creates a plan of attack. Jordan puts Nikki in her crosshairs. Ashley is forced to recall the past.
  • Friday, Feb. 16: Jack proves to be an intel source for Victor. Billy and Devon's battle heats up. Victoria will not allow Jordan to endanger Claire.

Nikki's latest bender continues to hit hard. This is one of, if not the most, challenging bouts with alcoholism because of how Jordan forcibly ended her sobriety. Billy and Chelsea's stretched reunion needs to be energized, while Eileen Davidson's story needs to be wrapped soon.

Having Tucker play the bad guy is one-dimensional. Trevor St. John is a terrific actor who would benefit by humanizing him past Tucker's me-first persona. Possibly, Audra's intent to undermine him will accomplish that goal.

Summer appears to fit with Chance, who Abby threw away. Fans could suppose that Nick and Phyllis reuniting is far more likely than Danny ever giving her another opportunity. But Sharon still appears to be Nick's subsequent reconnection.

Keeping Claire in the psych ward implies she is a sitting soapy duck for Jordan. But Victoria and Cole will likely have something to say and do about that, assuming Colleen Zenk's monstrously messy character attempts anything.

It is intriguing to see this calm version of Adam. Mark Grossman has only rarely played Adam as Justin Hartley did during his run. Viewers can watch Hartley's newest nighttime show, Tracker, which debuted on CBS after the Big Game.

Victor's need to help Nikki means he will be working with Jack. The pairing of these one-time mortal enemies was nicely referenced recently in a decades-old clip. It feels like a combination of people, including Victoria and Cole, will help to bring Jordan down. But Claire remains the best person to thwart this Newman family enemy.

The writing staff pushed many characters into or through Chancellor-Winters within the last year. After the Newmans deal with Jordan, the Chancellor and Winters' families will take some part of center stage and clash.


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