The Young and the Restless spoilers (Feb. 26 – Mar. 1): Claire agrees to Victor's plan

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On Friday, Feb. 23's episode of The Young and the Restless, Claire agreed to help Victor get Jordan. Victoria and Cole were concerned about Claire's progress being reversed. Tucker warned Nate to avoid Audra while Ashley explained her turnaround To Traci.

Here are the spoilers for this week:

  • Monday, Feb. 26: Jack and Traci consider how to help Ashley. Audra has her expectations reinforced by Tucker. Esther attempts to negotiate peace between Billy and Devon.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 27: Audra and Ashley trade barbs again. Amanda sees Phyllis. Jack warns Tucker.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28: Claire officially signs onto Victor's plan to get Jordan. Victoria is conflicted about that development. Ashley faces a further struggle.
  • Thursday, Feb. 29: Victor wants Victoria to stay on track. Yes, that wink at the Leap Year episode involves the Mustache attempting to calm his firstborn's fears about Claire's involvement in the Jordan trap. Devon does not budge on his business stance, while Chelsea is frustrated by Adam's outlook.
  • Friday, Mar. 1: Victor assures Victoria. Nikki is out of the loop. Phyllis believes, possibly rightly, that she has a chance with Danny.

Ashley is upset one day and calm the next. Fans of Eileen Davidson know about her long tenure on Days of Our Lives. While her YR tenure is longer and deeper, this talented actor has been part of Days since 1993, performing in more than eleven hundred episodes.

So, viewers anticipate that she will deliver textured drama with whatever Ashley is revealed to be enduring. Tucker is Ashley's love and foil. Audra can not be discounted, but she has not lived as long and is far less experienced in the arts of love and war. Intriguingly, Tucker underestimates Jack similarly to Ashley's view of Audra. There is potential for reversal in both instances.

The many people at Chancellor-Winters, including Esther, underscore the attempt to make that a significant setting. The conflict between Billy and Devon feels rushed, but there is potential for believable clashes ahead.

Phyllis became friends with Amanda during the period in the plot when Tracey Bregman's character was not on screen as often. So, their reconnecting makes soapy sense. It feels like Amanda should weigh in on Phyllis' belief that she has a chance with Danny.

Mishael Morgan's return to the show will hopefully not be brief. Viewers will be able to gauge the length of Amanda's stay based on whether she serves as a sideline advisor or becomes more deeply involved in Genoa City matters.

The Adam-Chelsea dynamic is one to watch. They have other loves and aren't a likely rebound pair. If Connor remains off-screen, then his storyline will serve as a backdrop to push Adam and Chelsea's separate stories ahead.

Victoria and Nikki are right to be concerned about Victor wanting to use Claire. Melody Thomas Scott's character would also benefit by helping to trap Jordan. Doing so could speed up Nikki's recovery time, depending on what happens.

Hayley Erin's character has a hardened texture and has Newman blood. However, Victor's in-person meeting with Claire at the hospital included his genuine offer to back off if she did not want to proceed. He has warmed to his new granddaughter and wants her to be a key player in Jordan's downfall.


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