What happened on The Young and the Restless this week? (Feb. 19-23): Seth was wedged between Nikki and Jordan

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Nikki agreed to meet Seth at the Ranch. Ashley continued to make contact with Tucker. Victor planned to set a trap for Jordan using Claire.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

  • Monday, Feb. 19: Kyle was open with Diane, while Jack remained concerned about Ashley, who surprised her estranged husband. Tucker and Audra appeared to solidify their togetherness. Nikki prepared for Seth to arrive at the Ranch.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20: Tucker did not buy Ashley's apology. Audra was not swayed by Ashley or Nate's advice. Seth did not reveal who encouraged him to meet with Nikki. Adam explained his business proposal to Sally.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21: Christine and Phyllis' bickering forced Danny to leave his condo. Billy and Devon clashed while Nate and Chance bonded. Amanda returned and sided with Billy.
  • Thursday, Feb. 22: Adam and Chelsea sought Sharon's input about Connor. Sally told Adam she understood the logic of his idea, while Victor appeared to approve Nick's request to make it happen. Seth did not realize Jordan was using him to gain access to Nikki, who remains skittish.
  • Friday, Feb. 23: Victoria passionately resented Victor's plan for Claire. Michael handled Victor's latest task. Traci is unnerved by Ashley's erratic demeanor.

Victor recognizes like mind in Claire

Kyle was putting on a good act on Monday, Feb. 19 but Diane's maternal instincts proved right when he admitted her being his boss was irksome. The ridiculousness of Jack doing exactly as numerous people feared, by elevating his wife to Co-CEO, requires belief to be suspended whenever this plot point is pushed.

How could Ashley rush out of the Abbott mansion without Jack, Diane, and Kyle seeing her? That trio left for Society approximately one minute after she rejected their offer to join them for dinner at Society. As a side note, Tessa could be Abby's new manager because Camryn Grimes is on maternity leave. But hopefully, there is more for Cait Fairbanks' character to do than welcome customers, as she has been underutilized in recent months.

It's hard to know if Audra intends to go through with her plan to steal Tucker's company. She talks a good game to Nate, but when in Tucker's presence, Zuleyka Silver's character melts. Victor's pressing Nikki not to leave the Ranch built the crescendo for Jordan to ride in on.

Ashley's seeming conclusion is hard to read on Tuesday, Feb. 20. It remains slightly confusing and increasingly frustrating. Ashley's claimed epiphany does not fool Tucker. Also, Audra appears to have ditched her plan to undermine him.

Nate said he was fond of Audra. It's more than that. Having walked away from Victoria, Sean Dominic's character was moments away from beginning a romantic connection with her until they were interrupted a handful of episodes ago. Fans can see a scenario where Audra either correctly interprets or misinterprets another Tucker-Ashley revival and decides to go after his business and teams with Nate personally.

Jordan's use of Seth is ominous. He is being used without his knowledge for at least a dangerous, if not a deadly, end. Speaking of danger, Sally would be wise to keep her new business independent. Doing so will be challenging but should help her maintain a strings-free relationship with Adam.

Lauren's question to Danny was apt on Wednesday, Feb. 21. He may have resolved feelings for Phyllis. Alternatively, the mix of past conflicts and the chance to remarry Cricket confounds Michael Damian's character.

Billy is right. Devon has conflicts with Lily, Nate, Amanda, and Tucker. Many factors created those rifts, and Devon needs to recognize that Billy is not all wrong to gain peace of mind.

Meanwhile, Nate and Chance realized that they are second-tier players at the currently named Chancellor-Winters. Amanda's return to Genoa City is intended to help CW settle internal strife so that the business can grow instead of flounder.

Viewers saw why Connor was written out of Genoa City, Wisconsin, on Thursday, Feb. 22. It played into a developing storyline where Adam and Chelsea's son might be dealing with OCD. So, a focus on that disorder will be the plot if Judah Mackey's character is definitively diagnosed with it. How that impacts both couples, which includes Billy and Sally as romantic attachments, will be seen.

Nick followed his younger brother's intuition and pushed Victor to see if he was open to Sally's business being part of Newman Enterprises. The Mustache agreed to Nick's suggestion that appeasing Adam was best and detailed how he plans to use Claire to flush Jordan out.

This Sally redo reestablishes the Newman Media dynamic while she was briefly its head. Of course, the media arm's current head is in Jordan's crosshairs. It's fair to wonder if Brian Gaskill's character lives through the coming battle.

Victor's plan for Claire ignited Victoria on Friday, Feb. 23. Victoria does not want to put her reclaimed daughter in peril. However, Victor recognized that Claire shares the Newman fighter spirit and is eager to bring Jordan down.

Tucker has been telling Ashley he has been concerned about her since she returned from France. The Abbotts know Tucker was not the villain she made him out to be. Here's hoping a believable wrap is put on this storyline and avoids Ashley needing to replace the soon-to-be discharged Claire in the psych ward.

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