Unveiling the Top 12 of American Idol 2024 (and the 2 contestants we said goodbye to)

The number of contestants continues to dwindle on season 22 of the singing competition.
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Each week has been a nail-biting, heart-racing, and nerve-wracking time as we steadily find out who's staying on American Idol season 22, and who isn't. There have already been so many fan-favorites who have headed home. Tonight, we've somehow reached the halfway point since the Top 24, with the Top 14 becoming the Top 12. Who made it through?

Top 12 American Idol 2024 contestants

The night started with the Top 14 performing a song from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, as that was the theme of this evening's show, after getting some coaching from guest mentor Gene Simmons of KISS. Then, we got to the tough part. Finding out who continues on in the competition based on our votes.

After last week's cuts, there was no telling who America would vote into their Top 12 as we never imagined we'd lose one of the three Platinum Ticket earners so soon in the competition yet Odell Burton Jr. was sent home. Luckily, this week, our two remaining Platinum Ticket contestants both made it through with Julia Gagnon and Abi Carter both making the Top 12 alongside ten other amazing contestants!

Here is the full list of the Top 12 of American Idol 2024! (Note – the following results were updated live during the airing of the episode):

  • Roman Collins, 24 from Long Beach, California
  • Mia Matthews, 19 from Centre, Alabama
  • Triston Harper, 15 from McIntosh, Alabama
  • Julia Gagnon, 21 from Cumberland, Maine (Platinum Ticket)
  • Jack Blocker, 25 from Dallas, Texas
  • Jayna Elise, 22 from Washington, D.C.
  • McKenna Breinholt, 25 from Gilbert, Arizona
  • Kaibrienne Richins, 20 from Henefer, Utah
  • Emmy Russell, 25 from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Abi Carter, 21 from Indio, California (Platinum Ticket)
  • Will Moseley, 23 from Hazlehurst, Georgia
  • Kayko, 23 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Idol goodbyes: Here's who went home tonight on American Idol

American Idol said goodbye to two contestants tonight with the eliminations of Jordan Anthony and Nya, two amazing artists whose elminations, while disappointing, weren't entirely surprising. Both Jordan and Nya had to sing for their safety in the competition last week with the judges choosing to save them via the four selections they were given to round out the Top 14.

Tomorrow night, April 22, 2024, be sure to tune in to watch the Top 12 take the stage, choosing a song that's "their favorite Billboard No. 1 hit," per the synopsis. Of course we're live in Hollywood, and our votes will determine the fate of the hopefuls. By the end of the night, we find out who makes it into the Top 10. And this is when things are about to get serious, my friends!

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote as we continue to bring you news and updates about American Idol 2024 each week!

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