Victoria's worried Victor's plan will fail (What happened this week on Young and the Restless, Feb. 26-March 1)

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Claire was released and went to live at the Ranch. Ashley was not willing to let Tucker go. Tensions between Billy and Devon persisted.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

Monday, Feb. 26: Billy and Devon took Esther's advice to heart, while Chance was confused after making a business pitch. Ashley updated Abby and Devon, which included cutting Tucker slack.

Tuesday, Feb. 27: Abby tried to help Chance deal with Chancellor-Winters, and Mamie told Nate to stay invested. Phyllis and Amanda commiserated. Tucker was annoyed with Jack's latest insults, while Audra warned Ashley to stay away.

Wednesday, Feb. 28: Tucker agreed to meet Ashley but asked Audra to join him. Claire received her parent's backing. Nikki was concerned about Victor's plan.

Thursday, Feb. 29: Victoria and Cole took Claire to the Ranch. Victor and Michael prepared for the next phase of the plan as Jordan learned Claire was released. Billy and Adam clashed before leaving with Chelsea to see Connor. Kyle remained in flux.

Friday, Mar. 1: Phyllis continued her pursuit of Danny. Claire's new life at the Ranch began to take shape, with Victoria remaining unsettled. Jordan needed clarification on rapid developments.

The voices in Ashley's head grow louder

Esther was right to inject herself in between Billy and Devon on Monday, Feb. 26. Their bickering was not what John or Neil would have wanted. The guys respect her and were moved by the reference to their fathers, as were devoted fans.

Devon and Billy switched approaches when Chance's music festival idea was received with a mixed reaction. In this soapy instance, Devon was open to a proposal he knew Nate once made. Billy's desire to delay approval put him in a rare wait-and-see stance.

Ashley's struggle to settle her mind continues. She believes Audra can be defeated, and Tucker, as always, remains the wild card.

Chance and Abby reinforced that they were well past their breakup on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Of course, having the appealing Summer interested in him helped Chance get over the divorce hump. Melissa Ordway's character is the next addition to the crowded Chancellor-Winters roster. Fans may be wondering how many people will be written into what seems like its only setting, the main office and hallway leading into it.

Mamie's stay in Genoa City, Wisconsin, continues. It's wonderful to see Veronica Redd remain with the cast. She was part of this show's glory days when Mamie was a fixture in the Abbott household and family. Nate would be wise to follow his wise aunt's lead because Jill is for Jill, and now, so is Billy.

Amanda is another welcomed face in Genoa City. Phyllis' condolences about Amanda's mother could mean that Mishael Morgan's stay is extended.

Tucker and Audra are kindred souls. They are also both nudges who are equally shallow. Jack is right to remain concerned about Ashley, who does not want to let Tucker go and might be planning something dangerous for all involved.

Kudos to the writing staff for creating an excellent psychological drama involving Eileen Davidson's character on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Ashley is in the throes of a breakdown. So, the question becomes what she does if Tucker does not break from Audra and give their remarriage a second or, technically, a third chance.

Claire was first able to persuade Cole to back her intention of helping to bring Jordan down. A pivotal moment came when the terrific Hayley Erin called Amelia Heinle's character mom. The bonding part of this storyline between this trio is organic, and J. Eddie Peck has fit seamlessly back into the cast.

Nikki's sobriety remains in doubt, with Victor believing the sooner he can trap Jordan, the more quickly his entire family will heal. That is also his plan to speed up Nikki's recovery.

Claire's storyline continues in the feel-good segment on Thursday, Feb. 29. While Victoria does not fully recognize it, the bonding momentum was furthered by Victor's plan and Claire's need for maternal protection. Hopefully, Cole deserves his due and will be more than scene-dressing as episodes play out.

Jordan was stunned that Claire leaped ahead (with a wink toward the significance of this calendar date) and was no longer being held. Viewers wondered how Michael's concurrent comments about everything needing to be exact would soon be realized. As a side note, Colleen Zenk's character's giant wig is oh so soapy.

Some movement is needed in the Connor conflict. Is the main point of it to bring Chelsea and Billy closer together? Assuming that is true, Sally needs to help Adam settle so the audience doesn't see more clashes with Billy. Along with that, fans likely want to see Kyle stabilize.

It's a stretch to believe that Danny still retains feelings for Phyllis on Friday, Mar. 1. But that plot device is used to recreate the triangle between him, Phyllis, and Christine. Whether Danny remarries Cricket may no longer be sure.

Claire realized her long-awaited dream. Every interaction with Victoria and Cole is real. The inevitable confrontation with Jordan will be that as well.

The many security breaches undercut Victor's claims that the Ranch is secure. So, the audience awaits a final showdown with Jordan, who Zenk is playing to the hilt.


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