Want to skip a trip to the movie theater? Here are 6 movies to stream from home in April 2024

INFESTED - Courtesy Shudder
INFESTED - Courtesy Shudder /

These days, going to the movie theater is considered a luxury! When you add up the cost of movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink, it’s not a pretty number. Now, is it worth it? Maybe! It very well can be. There are also ways to save such as going to a matinee showing or resisting the urge to buy snacks. But still, there’s no arguing that watching movies from home is a cheaper and often more comfortable option. 

Something else to consider? If you enjoyed the movie or not. Because, if you didn’t, then all of that for nothing! Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the movies. Nothing beats a movie on the big screen. However, if I’m not sure how I feel about a movie, I always prefer waiting for the streaming release. 

If you’re on the same page, we’re here to help! We list seven movies coming to streaming in April 2024. We should warn you: Horror is the name of the game in April. There are plenty of horrors and thrills coming to both theaters and streaming. If you’re not a fan of the genre, there are still some great movies available, just more spooky features. 

Why leave the house? Here are 6 movies you can stream from home in April 

Let’s kick things off with the horror feature, Baghead. This is a movie that is not easy to find a lot of information about. I’m sure it’s going to be missed by many fans of horror due to the lack of promotions. Baghead is a French film from the company StudioCanal, directed by Alberto Corredor. The story follows an evil witch known as Baghead who promises to connect people with a loved one who has passed. But there are haunting consequences if you trust the shapeshifting creature. 

Baghead stars Freya Allan, Jeremy Irvine, Julika Jenkins, and others. I was not able to find the official rating for the movie, but, according to a detailed page on IMDb, Baghead is rated are. The description shares that the movie features severe violence, gore, intense scenes, mild profanity, and drug use. Stream the movie on Shudder or AMC+ beginning April 5. 

Taking a short break from horror, we are migrating over to family fun with the movie Migration. Illumination movies never miss, but I still didn’t have high hopes for this movie when I went to watch it in theaters with my kiddo. My verdict? Let’s just say Migration is one of my favorite animated features and I can’t wait to watch it again when it goes to Peacock on April 19. 

Migration follows a family of mallards who are afraid to leave the safety of their home, instead enduring the cold each season. But desperate for adventure, preteen Dax convinces his overprotective and anxious father to go on the trip of a lifetime. The movie features the voices of Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Caspar Jennings, Danny DeVito, Keegan-Michael Key, and others. 

Do you love creepy crawlers? If not, look away! We are about to dive into Infested, a movie all about spiders that crawl their way to Shudder on April 26. Infested follows Kaleb, a young man passionate about exotic animals, including a venomous spider he finds at a shop, and brings it back to his apartment – big mistake! 

In a matter of minutes, the spider reproduces and takes over the apartment complex. Can you imagine being trapped in a building infested with spiders? Well, you don’t have to imagine it, Infested will show you what it would be like. 

Need more movies to watch? Here's the full list:

  • Bag of Lies, streams April 2 on Apple TV+
  • The Tearsmith, streams April 4 on Netflix
  • Baghead, streams April 5 on Shudder and AMC+
  • The Zone of Interest, streams April 5 on Max
  • Migration, streams April 19 on Peacock
  • Infested, streams April 26 on Shudder

From this list, what will you be streaming from the couch in April?

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