Why FBI: International needs Colin Donnell to be the new team leader

FBI: International has added Colin Donnell as the likely replacement for the departing Luke Kleintank and it's a better move to have a new character take charge!
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FBI: International may have a new boss and Colin Donnell’s presence as a team leader is a good move for the show. It makes more sense than the other characters for a variety of reasons.

The show's fans have gotten used to the hectic changes for the Fly Team. Season 3 has only increased it as the premiere had Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) leaving the team as she wanted to get a fresh start back in the United States. Then Powell (Greg Hovanessian) was transferred back to undercover work as his actions on a case made him realize he wasn’t a good fit for the team.

Now comes the word that Scott Forrester is going to be gone after the May 7 episode. Luke Kleintank explained he wanted to leave the show to be with his family. Like Reed, Kleintank is no doubt affected by how FBI: International films on location in Europe and being away from his family for so long is too difficult. 

Before fans could wonder how this would affect the Fly Team, it was announced that Colin Donnell of Chicago Med will be joining the show for the final twp episodes of season 3. While it’s not confirmed, his as-yet-unnamed character is likely going to be Forrester’s replacement as team leader. This may be a jarring change for the team but it’s needed as, with respect, the other members of the Fly Team wouldn’t have been quite right for this promotion.

Why FBI: International needed a fresh boss

Some viewers may be annoyed at the idea that a stranger enters as the team leader rather than Vo or Raines, who have been part of the show since the beginning, getting a promotion. However, there are logical reasons neither is set for Fly Team leader yet.

Vo and Raines are both very capable agents, there’s no denying that. However, a leadership role now is trickier. Vo has stepped up and has even taken charge in the field a few times. Yet she’s still rather young and has made the mistake of trusting the wrong people on missions. Her dedication is strong but she's also pretty headstrong and there's been too much butting heads with the local cops which causes problems. Forrester could balance his temper with reason which Vo has to learn to master.

Maybe down the road, Vo might be able to take more of a leadership turn, yet for now, she’s not quite ready. She even acknowledges she needs more experience especially when it comes to ordering someone into danger. Being a leader means making hard choices and Vo’s heart may not be hard enough to steel herself for that reality. 

As for Raines, he’s also proven himself in the field, yet at heart, he’s an analyst first. He’s better with numbers than giving orders. He's a capable agent, just not right for a leadership role. As with Vo, Raines acknowledges that he’s better suited to his current spot and not the team leader. Not to mention, he’s still recovering from injuries he sustained in the season 3 premiere and could be wary of stepping up like this.

Thus, bringing in a new agent to replace Forrester makes more sense. Whoever Donnell plays, it’s likely he’s an experienced agent and handling himself well to justify being put in charge of the Fly Team. He’ll undoubtedly have a different style than Forrester, perhaps more diplomatic with foreign cops and some interesting moves. Vo and Raines will likely need time to adjust to a new boss but it can work out.

See how FBI: Most Wanted made a huge move when Jess was killed off and Remy Scott became the new team leader. Remy was much different than Jess, but the team was able to get used to him, and now that team gels well. The Fly Team can be much the same as it’s always the cases that come first over the individuals.

So as tough as it may be for FBI: International fans to see Forrester depart, Donnell will likely give the show a fresh air as the new agent rather than promote Vo and Raines to a slot they’re not quite ready for makes more sense and hopefully paves the way for more great adventures on the show.

FBI: International season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.