Why Furiosa is a must-see movie in 2024

George Miller is providing a fantastic prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road in Furiosa! Find out why this is going to be a must-see in 2024!
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga from Warner Bros.
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga from Warner Bros. /

There are a lot of films coming out in 2024 but Furiosa may be one of the biggest yet! Here’s a quick look at what makes this new action prequel a must-watch in the coming year!

In 1979, George Miller unleashed a legend in Mad Max. Set in a dystopia where gas was scarce, it made Mel Gibson a star in the title role of a police officer turned drifter battling some ruthless gangs on the highways. The movie was a hit with a 1981 sequel even bigger. It seemed to all wrap up with 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. 

In 2015, Miller returned to the saga with Mad Max: Fury Road. Tom Hardy took over the role of Max but the real standout was Charlize Theron as Furiosa, a metal-armed rebel aiding pregnant women escaping the brutal Immortan Joe. 

The movie was a hit not just with audiences but critics, hailed for its stunning action scenes. It was nominated for ten Oscars (including Picture and Director), winning six awards. 

While there’s been talk of a sequel for a while, the saga is returning in a unique prequel film.

What is Furiosa?

The movie is a prequel to Fury Road with Anya Taylor-Joy as the younger Furiosa. It will explore her life in the initial fall of civilization and how she was taken from the Green Place of Many Mothers to the Wastelands. As she learns to survive, Furiosa also plots an escape back home. 

Miller co-wrote the screenplay and directs and the movie looks to have the same frantic and insane action as Fury Road did. The chase scenes look spectacular as Miller once more mixes CGI with actual stunt work and looks to just amp up what made Fury Road so mind-bogglingly awesome. 

Taking over a role from an Oscar-winner like Theron is a daunting task but Taylor-Joy looks up to it. The actress is establishing herself as someone willing to take on daring projects from The Witch to Split to her award-winning turn in The Queen’s Gambit. Films like The Northman and The New Mutants show she can handle the action and effects and is believable as a younger version of Theron. 

Taylor-Joy can show what shaped this woman, how she had to endure this horrific world to rise up and survive and handle herself. She can also take part in the wild action sequences which look to raise the stakes from Fury Road.

Aiding Taylor-Joy is a great supporting cast including Chris Hemsworth as Warlord Demetrus. Seeing the Thor star as the villain should be great, giving Hemsworth more range and carrying the film. Tom Burke, Nathan Jones and Angus Sampson fill out the cast.

But it’s Miller’s show as the veteran filmmaker seemed invigorated by Fury Road and wants to top it. A prequel to one of the greatest action movies ever made with stunts that put the Fast and Furious movies to shame, carried by a young starlet as a fantastic character adds up to Furiosa being a must-watch for 2024 movie fans.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga premieres Friday, May 24, 2024. 

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