Will Spencer is coming back to Bold and the Beautiful (and he won't be a kid!)

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Well, well Bold fans, it seems all the recent talk about Will Spencer and how he might feel about learning he has a new sibling in Luna Nozawa, Bill's latest adult child to come to Los Angeles, is actually going to result in the youngest of the billionaire's heirs coming back home.

Deadline reports that we can expect Will to make his return to The Bold and the Beautiful on Thursday, Aug. 1's episode. Crew Morrow has been tapped to play the SORASed role that will see little Will make the jump from a 10 year old to a young man in his late teens. Morrow is the son of Joshua Morrow aka The Young and the Restless' Nick Newman.

According to the outlet, the younger Morrow is on contract so this won't be a one-off appearance. Will's biggest storyline to date involved a custody struggle between Katie and Bill where the former sought sole custody due to negligence and a failure to be consistently involved over a period of months.

In the end, after much talking, a case in family court, and Bill extensively apologizing for his actions, he and Katie were able to come to a consensus on how to proceed as co-parents. In the time since, Will's been off-screen with mention of him being at boarding school and thriving among his peers. Katie and Bill have had occasional conversations about their son, the most recent being a discussion about Parent Week the day Katie found out how serious Bill and Poppy's romance has gotten.

Morrow is 19 years old, so we'll be meeting a Will who is in his young adulthood. We'll have to wait to see if the actor will be playing his age or a few years younger. Either way, it's possible that Will's set to come into the story as his mother is sorting through, and potentially acting on, her complicated feelings toward his father.

The Bold and the Beautiful could be setting us up for a resurgence of Batie with their son as a means of showcasing that Bill has more than one family. There's been major emphasis lately about the new family he has with Poppy and Luna which has made Katie feel like the odd woman out. With Will's return that will no longer be the case.

Still, we have well over a month between now and when Morrow will make his debut on the soap and a lot can change in that amount of time. Perhaps he'll be entangled in his own drama that has nothing to do with his parents or the daytime program is working to rebuild the Spencers since the family has been on the backburner the past few years.

We'll keep you posted as more news comes in. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote!