‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: “Parabatai Lost”


Everyone is on the hunt for Jace in this week’s episode of ‘Shadowhunters’,’ titled “Parabatai Lost,” but all for their own reasons.

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At the end of last week’s episode, Jace and Clary jumped through Dot’s tear in the forcefield around Valentine’s ship, enabling them to escape as they plunged into the water below. Alec’s soul was still attached to his parabatai however, and Alec’s own fate now relies on his connection with Jace.

“Parabatai Lost” opens with a flashback scene, a memory of when Alec first met Jace on the day Jace arrived at the New York Institute (more scenes with mini-Alec and mini-Jace please!). Jace immediately gives Alec notes about his archery skills, and we’re introduced to an over-confident Jace, who really doesn’t seem all that different from the Jace we know now.

“When Alec called out to him, part of the soul never returned. Now he’s stuck, lost somewhere between himself and his parabatai.”

The memory is Alec’s, and we now see him lying in his bed at the Institute with Izzy and Magnus watching over him. Magnus explains that Alec is emotionally connected to Jace and that his magic can only do so much to try and revive him. Alec’s best chance at survival is if Jace returns to him with the missing piece of his soul. They are now more determined than ever to locate Jace and communicate with him.

Jace washes up on a beach and sees a woman lying face down in the sand, but it’s Gretel, the werewolf Valentine wanted him to kill on the ship. A mundane sees him and Jace flees after begging her not to call the police. Clary is at the Institute, still soaking wet from swimming back to land, and demands to see Izzy, but Aldertree wants to speak with her first. After lying to Aldertree, Clary finds Izzy and tells her everything that’s happened, learning from Izzy that Alec is now in danger.

Simon, in his new “canoe-bunkbeds” at the Redhook Docks boathouse, gets a phone call from his mother who’s very worried about him and how he’s disappeared. Meanwhile, Luke is at the beach with the body of the dead werewolf and realizes that Jace had fled the scene. He wants the pack “to handle it,” and not the police. He admits that he doesn’t know if Jace was responsible for her death.

Upset about Alec’s worsening condition, Magnus snaps at Jocelyn and reminds her of the agreement they had made about Clary over a decade ago. Magnus blames her for manipulating Alec into trying to connect with Jace to help find Clary, all for problems that she started. He gives her an ultimatum to prove him wrong.

Aldertree sits with Clary in his office, but she protects Jace by lying about how she got into the water, blaming the entire ordeal solely on Dot. Clary claims that her memory must have been wiped. But then we jump to Clary speaking with Izzy, telling her the truth about what happened on the ship with Jace. Clary’s afraid that if Alec is unable to move, Jace could also be unable to move, which would’ve caused Jace to drown. Izzy explains that she knows Jace is still alive because of Alec’s parabatai rune hasn’t faded.

Jace walks into a bar, and the bartender, Maia, takes interest in him, quickly revealing the she’s a werewolf and that she knows he’s a Shadowhunter. Borrowing the bar’s phone, Jace calls Izzy’s cell phone and asks if Clary is ok. Clary tells him that Alec’s life is in danger because of parabatai connection, and they agree to meet at Magnus’ apartment so that Jace doesn’t have to go to the Institute. Once off the phone, Maia and another werewolf from the pack accuse Jace of kidnapping and killing Gretel, and they attack him to avenge her death.

Watch the Scene Unfold:

Simon calls his mom back to let her know that he’s ok, but he’s stopped by Raphael. Simon’s plan is to tell his mother that his band has been on tour. Raphael is adamant that Simon’s only job is to find Camille. Simon goes back to his home to find his mother, but he’s devastated when his mother’s not there and he sees a half-empty bottle of vodka in her bedroom. Simon calls Clary, who agrees to help him find her.

At the bar, Luke convinces Maia and the other werewolf to stand down. He tells them that if Jace is found to be guilty, he will kill Jace himself. Also causing trouble back at the Institute is Aldertree, who questions whether Magnus should be allowed to stay if he’s not even able to help Alec heal.

“It’s more than just waking sleeping beauty with a kiss.”

Magnus tries to explain the complexities of running power, but Izzy and Magnus realize that they’ll have to find a different way to get Alec out. Alec has another memory, this time of teenage Jace and himself in training together. Jace draws out the demon and Alec’s sharp archery skills kill the demon easily. Jace pulls Alec into a hug, celebrating their successful test, and we can see that Alec has feelings for his parabatai-to-be.

On the run from Maia (who didn’t listen to Luke), Jace escapes down a narrow alley, but the amount of blood on his body draws the attention of passersby. When Jace collapses from the pain on a city sidewalk, they call 911 despite Jace’s vocal protest. Maia watches from the sidewalk, aware of where Jace is being taken. Jace argues with the doctors in the ER, but they have him restrained to the gurney and won’t listen to his pleas about having to go save his brother.

Luke and Maia arrive at the hospital and learn that Jace is there, but when they get to his room, he’s gone. The nurse catches Jace in the hallway and scolds him for his behavior, but Maia has now turned into a werewolf, and chases Jace through the halls. Jocelyn surprisingly comes to his rescue, and pulls him out of the stairwell and onto the roof. She begs him to go back to the Institute to help Alec, but Jace refuses to trust her and jumps down into the street.

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Aldretree discovers that Magnus and Izzy have switched Alec’s body with the guard’s. Out of fear that the werewolves will prevent Jace from getting there safely, Izzy trades information for the ability to portal to Brooklyn, revealing to Aldertree that Jace is headed to Magnus’ apartment. In the apartment, Magnus clings to Alec, desperate for him to wake up. Following up on his comment from earlier in the episode regarding sleeping beauty, he even kisses Alec to see if it will help wake him.

We are thrown into another flashback, to the day of Alec and Jace’s parabatai ceremony. Alec is having second thoughts about going through with it, and Izzy figures out that Alec’s in love with Jace, which is why he’s having second thoughts.

While Clary and Simon are locating Simon’s mom, and Clary suggests that Simon tell her the truth about being a vampire. “Come out of the coffin?” he asks. Clary convinces him that his mom will be accepting, but after learning from Izzy that werewolves are hunting Jace, Clary leaves Simon at the coffee shop. Izzy had also warns Clary that Aldertree knows Jace is headed to Magnus’ apartment.

Simon is about to open up about being a vampire to his mother, but she already knows the pre-planned lie — she thinks he was on tour with his band. Raphael appears, having befriended Simon’s mom, and it terrifies Simon that Raphael is threatening his family. Back at the house, Simon tells his mother that her drinking can’t happen again and he’s put the “tour” on hold. Prompted by his fear of what Raphael’s doing, Simon tells his mother that he will move back home to be with her.

The werewolves find Jace before he gets to Magnus, and Jace tries to explain that Valentine has manipulated it all; they’re giving Valentine what he wants. Jace pleads with Maia so that he can save Alec, saying, “You can kill me, just please let me get to him first.” Clary and Luke arrive at the scene and defend Jace, but ultimately it’s Izzy who comes to his rescue. She proclaims an order that Jace must leave with her, and Luke gets the wolves to stand down.

With Alec close to death, Jace finally sees what’s happened to him. Intercut with a flashback of their parabatai ceremony, Jace takes hold of Alec and emotionally repeats their parabatai vows. Alec starts to slip away further, but Jace continues to voice the pledge. Alec inevitably stops moving, and believing his parabatai to be dead, Jace holds Alec’s limp body against his own chest, reciting the final vow through his tears.

“It’s alright, Alec. What matters is that you’re back.”

To their shock, Alec opens his eyes and speaks the final phrase of the parabatai vow. At the same time, Aldertree arrives at the apartment, where Izzy said he’d be. Alec watches in confusion as Jace is escorted out of Magnus’ apartment by Aldertree.

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That last scene though. Cue the waterworks.

What did you think of “Parabatai Lost”? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to catch next week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Monday January 23 at 8/7c on Freeform.