‘Bob’s Burgers’: The Strained Love of Louise and Linda


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On ‘Bob’s Burgers’, Louise and Linda don’t really see eye-to-eye. Despite that, the two have a solid balance of love and annoyance as mother and daughter.

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Bob’s Burgers has a knack for portraying relationships in unconventional ways. From Tina and Jimmy Jr to Mr. Fischoeder and Felix and obviously, Louise and Linda. They’re extremely different from any other mother-daughter pairings on TV and have a loving yet strained relationship. It’s a fresh take on family relationships and one deserving of more attention.

Before I get started, there will be spoilers from “Thelma & Louise Except Thelma Is Linda” and other Louise-Linda related episodes. One moment that really illustrated how strained their relationship is in “Mother Daughter Laser Razor.” In this episode, we see just how hard it is for the two to get along. When Linda forces…ahem bribes Louise to attend a bonding seminar, they can hardly get through an activity together. Either, Linda is being too pushy or Louise doesn’t put in an effort.

This episode is a key moment for the two, actually. It’s where we start to see why their relationship hasn’t blossomed. Their two conflicting personalities don’t mesh well together because they’re both outgoing people but in different ways. Linda likes to sing songs while Louise would rather light something on fire. As dark as it sounds, the two are on the same spectrum but very different wavelengths.

Linda’s pushiness is definitely a factor in their relationship, though. At times, Linda tries to make Louise into someone she isn’t. In “Slumber Party”, Linda throws a slumber party for Louise but doesn’t even think to ask her. Louise immediately goes on defense and wants the party canceled immediately. Linda doesn’t budge and Louise eventually makes a friend at the end, but it’s one example of why Louise and Linda can’t seem to find a happy medium.

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It isn’t all about Linda’s pushiness, though. Louise can go off the deep end sometimes too including her running away from the dentist. Louise’s carelessness can’t be ignored especially when her parents were worried sick. Linda was extremely freaked out during the episode because she was worried about Louise. Meanwhile, Louise was trying to book a hotel room. It’s easy to see why both sides can be disagreeable.

Their relationship isn’t all bad, though. Linda is always quick to help Louise, defend her or give her the benefit of the doubt. Louise would never admit it, but she needs her mom.  Louise and Linda have grown throughout the series. Their relationship went from almost nonexistent to thriving. They’ll never be as close as Bob and Louise, but it’s good to start somewhere.

Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash

Look at tonight’s episode, “Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda”, Linda and Louise hit a new relationship milestone. Louise gets in trouble because she pants a student who is bullying another and Linda agrees at first to appease Mr. Frond. She breaks Louise’s out of in-school suspension and the two bond until Mr. Frond sees them. They hide from him and Louise comes up with a plan to help save Linda’s bake sale. Louise and Linda both get what they want in the end and get to pull one over on Mr. Frond.

Their relationship might not be perfect, but it’s real. They’re not best friends and that’s okay. All that matters is they love, support and care for each other. You can’t find a more loving or supportive mother-daughter duo than Louise and Linda Belcher.

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