5 brilliantly bonkers moments from the ‘Riverdale’ season finale


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‘Riverdale’ caps off a crazy first season full of twists and turns on a lighter note as the town attempts to heal. But as Archie and the gang pair up, another tragedy threatens their happiness in Season 2.

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A secret sibling! A house in flames! A new murder mystery! Riverdale’s first season finale pulled out all the stops after delivering the jaw-dropping revelations in its penultimate episode. Just when you think the freshman drama couldn’t possibly surprise us, it goes ahead and throws us massive curveballs that change everything. TL;DR: We should already be stressed about the Season 4 finale.

While “The Sweet Hereafter” didn’t prove the legions of fans entertaining a zombie apocalypse twist right, the episode acted as the perfect bridge between the first and second seasons. Where we’ve ended up seems worlds away from where we began in the post-summer haze of tragedy-stricken Riverdale. Our core four has bent and snapped in many different directions, but as they pair up in the wake of Clifford Blossom’s death, they will have to band together once again to save their second-tier frenemy Cheryl and wade through the latest murder mystery to strike their town. And this time, the murderer aims for one of their own. Let’s dig deeper into the five most brilliantly bonkers moments from the Riverdale season finale.

1. Cheryl Blossom had a busy week.

Our problematic fave didn’t waste a minute to kick her heels into motion after the reveal of her twin brother’s murderer (her father) and the suicide of said killer. Riverdale doesn’t suggest that Cheryl had a hand in Clifford’s death as we had theorized, but the finale takes Cheryl down a dark road. Feeling hopeless and listless, Cheryl texts Veronica that she’s “going to be with Jason.” Archie and the gang rush to the now frozen Sweetwater River, where Cheryl has plunged herself. Who knows if hypothermia talking or if the the zombie theory still has life, but Cheryl sees Jason in the water and it was creepy.

Archie punches through the ice to save Cheryl, whose ill-advised (if not poetic) suicide attempt is ultimately unsuccessful. She sips hot chocolate under a blanket at Veronica’s, catching attitude from Hermione all the while, but hasn’t lost her need for drastic change. Penelope won’t show care for her daughter’s desperate state, leading Cheryl to go to extremes. She douses the Blossom mansion in gasoline and tosses a lit candelabra on the floor. Burn, baby, burn—and take all the ugly Blossom family secrets down with you. Once again we ask, what’s next for Cheryl Blossom? Does a torched house a fresh start make?

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2. There’s a secret brother on the loose.

Oh, teen soaps. You’re always so generous with the long-lost familial connections that, at this point, should not be shocking anymore. But Riverdale circles back to the contentious pre-homecoming conversation between Alice Cooper and FP Jones, wherein FP suggested he caught Alice and Hal arguing on their homecoming night some 20 years ago. When Betty presses for the truth, Alice protests. However, she later dishes the goods: Alice was pregnant, and Hal made her hide away and give the baby up for adoption—just as he wanted for Polly. Betty’s got a brother, and she does in the comics, too! So, when will Chic Cooper make his debut?

3. Batten down the hatches, Hiram’s coming home!

That’s right, Veronica’s dad’s getting sprung from lockup, and when we catch our first glimpse of him in Season 2, he’ll look a lot like Mark Consuelos. In light of the news of Hiram’s release from prison, Hermione presents Fred with a buyout plan. She has mostly good intentions, wanting to relieve tensions when Hiram returns to town. But Fred doesn’t go for her plan and won’t surrender his business. Hiram didn’t have anything to do with Jason Blossom’s death, but did he have something to do with the episode’s cliffhanger gunshot?

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4. Jughead is Season 3 Marissa Cooper.

Remember in Season 3 of The O.C. when Marissa found herself caught in the middle of a scandal and was shipped off to the decidedly scummier Newport Union? Well, Jughead’s in the same pickle, except his friends aren’t making noise with “Free Jughead” t-shirts. Because FP helped cover up Jason’s death, he remains behind bars (even though Betty runs his innocence campaign) and leaves Jughead hanging in the balance.

Fred can’t foster him (because of a secret DUI and financial woes), which means Jughead will be fostered by a family on the South Side and transfer to the local high school. Betty drags Archie and Veronica down to South Side High to rescue Jughead, but he’s fitting in just fine. And when Bughead finally has their “I love you” moment, Serpents interrupt to give Jughead his very own Serpent jacket. Will Jughead accept his destiny, or like Marissa Cooper, find his way back?

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5. A new murder mystery begins.

Archie’s finally happy. He saves a life, performs his original song at the town Jubilee, and officially dates (and gets cozy with) Veronica. Red flag! When Fred asks Archie to meet at Pop’s, he suspects his dad has prepared a serious talk. But Archie arrives at his favorite haunt, the place where he and his friends feel safe, and discovers a masked, gun-toting robber. (It should be noted that Archie requires a head shake from his father to stifle his Superman complex.)

Suddenly, the robber turns the gun on the Andrews men, pulls the trigger, and takes out Fred. Is Fred dead, and is Hiram pulling these horrifying strings? Just like that, another potential murder mystery begins in the town with pep.

What do you think, Riverdale fans? Who shot Fred? When will we meet Betty’s brother? And what’s next for our fire starter Cheryl Blossom? Sound off with your Season 2 predictions in the comments!

Riverdale returns for Season 2 this fall on The CW.