Interview: Dylan Sprayberry reveals why fans won’t want to miss a minute of ‘Teen Wolf’ 6B, teases more Liam & Theo


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‘Teen Wolf’s’ Dylan Sprayberry shares why 6B is a must-see for fans, more of the Liam/Theo dynamic and the one thing he would have loved to see Liam become!

There is no denying that the Teen Wolf 6A finale could very well have served as the show’s final episode thanks to the perfect way in which the writers wrote the episode. The Wild Hunt had been stopped, the town of Beacon Hills was safe and sound, and Scott’s pack were healthy, happy and optimistic about the next chapter in their lives.

Because of the way in which the writers brought 6A to a close, many fans questioned whether the show should have even continued beyond that point – but as star Dylan Sprayberry revealed during SDCC, the way in which the show is wrapped is one fans won’t want to miss.

"“You have to see the show end,” Sprayberry noted. “We did a really good job wrapping up the whole show. The show’s been going on 100 episodes, you have to do a really good job of [finishing] it out. I talked with some other people about how we kind of went back to simpler times where we have hunters again which is really cool. That’s the perfect way to end the show, you know, you end it where you began it. You get to see some new characters relive what older characters have gone through which is cool. I mean, why not see what happens to everybody?”"

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Among the many things fans can look forward to in the final episodes of the season is a future exploration of the intriguing, comedic dynamic shared between Liam and Theo – which to even Sprayberry or the writers predicted would payoff as well as it did.

"“I think the funny thing is that we wrote those scenes in the hospital when they were fighting and stuff and, we wrote some comedy, but we didn’t expect anyone to think it was really funny; we didn’t really know what was going to happen. I’m really good friends with Cody [Christian, who plays Theo], so we just had that relationship where we weren’t scared to have fun and just goof around and I think that really paid off,” Sprayberry shared of the now fan-favorite dynamic developed between Liam and Theo. “Then the writers were like, ‘Oh, they’re not bad at being funny,’ so they wrote us some more stuff for this season and we have some really good stuff that plays on that same dynamic as the scenes before that. So there is going to be a lot more stuff between Liam and Theo and it’s really good.”"

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As for the one thing Sprayberry would love loved to have seen before Liam’s story was wrapped?

"“I think one thing that would have been cool, and this would require more seasons, but I would love to see Liam be the Alpha at some point. I don’t think it was his time where we ended the show so I [didn’t want] to see that then, but if we would have kept going with the show I would definitely have liked to see that,” Sprayberry admitted. “Other than that, I think they did a great job wrapping my character up as well as everyone else.”"

Be sure to check out our complete interview with Dylan Sprayberry below to discover his thoughts on Liam’s leadership role, the chance to work with some of the show’s old-timers, teases the season’s new troublemaker and his special message to the Teen Wolf  fans!

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Did you have any reservations about returning for 6B after the way 6A so beautifully ended? Are you excited for more scenes between Liam and Theo and would you also like to see Liam one day become an Alpha? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below and don’t forget to check back for more interviews with the Teen Wolf cast!