Supernatural: 7 things you didn’t know about Sam Winchester a.k.a. Jared Padalecki


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Think you know everything about Supernatural characters and stars? There are some things you won’t notice the first time you watch or realize right away.

You may think you know absolutely everything about Supernatural, especially when it comes to the Winchester brothers. There’s just so much that you need to remember from the last 12 years. Sam Winchester is the younger brother. We all know that. He’s the one that has always craved that normal life (at least until around Season 8) and the one that has the most empathy for those who aren’t quite fully human.

But what don’t you know about the younger son of John and Mary Winchester? Here’s a look at seven things you didn’t know about Supernatural’s Sam Winchester.

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Sam has always had empathy for those who aren’t quite human

From Supernatural Season 1, Sam had empathy for those who weren’t all human. This was often presumed due to his own psychic issues, but after a few years we learned that it went deeper than that. Sam is just an empathetic person in general, as long as he sees there is some goodness in the creature.

For example, when he was a teenager researching the kitsune, he befriended one without realizing. Amy, the kitsune, kills her own mother to protect Sam, and he allows her to live believing that she is good.

Sam’s nickname is real

Crowley can’t help but call Sam “Moose.” It turns out that this nickname is a real one for actor Jared Padalecki. The nickname stems from Padalecki’s height, as he is 6’ 6” tall!

Jared Padalecki was almost Superman, but Sam was Batman

We revealed that Jensen Ackles was almost Captain America in our post about Dean Winchester/Ackles, but did you know that co-star Jared was almost in the opposite franchise? He almost donned the blue and red suit to become the Man of Steel.

It was for a movie that never actually came to be. Rumor is that Henry Cavil was chosen for the role instead, but the movie was never made. Cavil would go onto to portray Clark Kent in the 2013 adaptation. AS much as I love Cavil, I’d have happily watched Padalecki in the role!

In Supernatural Sam Winchester once broke his arm jumping off a roof. Dean explains that it’s because Sam was dressed as Batman and “everyone knows Batman can’t fly.” Dean was the one dressed as Superman.

Superman isn’t the only role that he could have gained. Padalecki also auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Jared Padalecki encourages the learning of sign language

While Padalecki may not speak multiple languages, he does encourage the learning of a certain one: sign language. He’s so enthusiastic about it that he’s encouraged his own sons to learn it. There are high chances that his daughter will learn it too. It also turns out that Misha Collins has taught his children to sign too.

Padalecki watches PBS’ Signing Time with his children, where they all learn to do it. It’s not just useful for those hard of hearing, but also for those who find communicating through words difficult. Many countries include a show that involves signing for children now.

Jared Padalecki is a Dean and a Trey

While you know Jensen Ackles plays big brother Dean, Gilmore Girl fans will know that Jared Padalecki was a Dean first! It gets rather confusing, especially when you consider that Ackles auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester first.

What you may not realize is that long before Padalecki played Sam or Dean, he also played a Trey. He was in New York Minute opposite the Olsen Twins. In fact, he played one of the twins’ love interest in the movie. His hair in the movie was very similar to Padaleck’s hair around Season 4 of Supernatural.

He can be picky with grammar

If you’ve seen him on Twitter in the past, you may have noticed him pick people up for their grammar. Padalecki has also previously mentioned that he shivers at people who use “an” or “a” incorrectly in a sentence. If you’re going to write to him, watch out for your spelling and grammatical errors.

He has had two Supernatural partners

While many will know that Genevieve Cortese is now Padalecki’s wife, you may not realize that there was a Supernatural actress before her; Sandra McCoy. You’ll be forgiven for not realizing this, as the actress was a guest star in one episode. She played the crossroad demon Sam shot in the head, making her the first of two partners Padalecki killed onscreen!

Padalecki and McCoy had been together before Supernatural started and Padalecki proposed during the Writer’s Strike in 2007 and 2008. However, in June 2008, he shared at a convention that they were no longer together.

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