Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Dean’s darker side shows up


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Fans tuning into Skin for the first time worried what was going on with Dean Winchester. Supernatural showed a darker side to him, but we soon learned not all was as it seemed.

How can you be in two places at the same time? That’s something people find themselves asking in Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6. “Skin” introduces a creature that has been alluded to in a past episode. It doesn’t take long for us to learn that sometimes not all is as it seems.

Is Dean Winchester really evil?

The episode opened to a woman tied to a chair being tortured and S.W.A.T. working their way into the building. There’s a man running away, but as the guns are pointed at him, he turns. We finally see that it’s Dean Winchester with an evil glint in his eyes. Has he really been evil all this time or is there something more to this scene?

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Before we get to find that out, we’re taken back in time a couple of days. Sam gets an email from a friend at college, whose brother has been arrested for murder. It’s not looking good, but the friend is sure her brother didn’t do it. Even if it’s not their thing, Sam wants to be there for his friend.

When they make it to Becky Warren’s in St. Louis, they find out that Becky is certain the only way her brother could have killed his girlfriend was by being in two places at the same time. He was at her house when the murder happened, but the police don’t buy that. They have a video that shows him entering the house.

Claiming the Dean is a detective, Sam manages to get Becky to share everything she has. She has a copy of the video, which clearly shows Zach going into the apartment just before the murder. Sam and Dean don’t miss the eyes flashing white on the video and they know they are dealing with something supernatural.

Becky learns Sam’s a liar

Unfortunately for Sam, the truth about his brother soon comes out. After taking them to the crime scene, Becky tells her brothers’ lawyer. She learns that Dean isn’t a detective after all and she wants nothing to do with Sam.

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That doesn’t stop the Winchesters from taking on the case, especially when a man is arrested for torturing his wife. This man claims that he wasn’t there, and the Winchesters look for where the creature could have gone. There’s only one way: the sewers.

Believing they’re dealing with a skin walker or shape shifter, the brothers go in search for the creature. As they find piles of skin, they know that they are definitely dealing with a shape shifter and there’s only one way to kill it: silver bullets. Back at the Impala, Dean has everything they need and the brothers go in search again.

When they get split up after coming across the shifter, Sam makes it back to the car. Dean isn’t that far behind him but Sam knows that this isn’t his brother. This is the shifter pretending to be him. The shifter knocks Sam out and ties him up in the sewers.

Sam learns a few home truths about Dean

When Sam wakes up, he is able to have a conversation with Shifter Dean. There he finds out that the shifter can download the memories of those he impersonates, but only if those people are alive. That’s when Sam learns a few home truths about his brother.

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It turns out Dean felt abandoned when Sam went to college. While Sam was able to live his dream, Dean was stuck with Dad. These home truths would slowly come out in more detail throughout Supernatural, but it was a clear sign that there was some pent up resentment.

Leaving Sam, Shifter Dean pays Becky a visit. That’s where time catches up and we see that it was Shifter Dean all along. The shifter escapes, but the police now know who they’re looking for.

Back in the sewers, the real Dean is there and he wants to find this shifter. That’s going to be hard when his face is all over the news. To make matters worse, the police are near the Impala. Sam distracts the police, while Dean gets everything he needs to get rid of the shifter.

As Dean goes in the hunt for the shifter, Sam pays Becky another visit to apologize. While they talk, Dean comes across Becky tied up in the sewers. Sam is talking to the shifter.

It doesn’t take long for Dean to take down the shifter, who has now turned back into his skin. With the shifter gone, the Winchesters can get out of town. There is some good news in it all. This “Dean Winchester” has been blamed for all the murders, meaning Zach can be released. The only thing Dean regrets is not being able to see his own funeral.

It’s another case closed for the Winchester, but things aren’t going to be easy moving forward.

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