The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premiere recap: What does Amy say and who’s pregnant?


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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 ended with Sheldon flying all the way to Princeton to ask for Amy’s hand in marriage. We finally learned what she said.

I’ve waited all summer for this moment. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premiere promised an answer for Sheldon. Quite honestly, I expected it to be much more drawn out than it was, with Amy wanting to find out why Sheldon had flown out for this moment. Instead, we found out within the first minutes what her answer would be.

Amy says…

Of course, in true TBBT fashion, Sheldon is interrupted by Leonard calling. He gets up in the middle of the proposal because ignoring Leonard would frankly be rude. There is some logic in that.

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It takes a few questions from Leonard and Penny to finally get an answer from Amy. What does she say?

Are you crazy? Of course she said yes! What she really going to say anything different? There is a moment where there is the question of whether she regrets that since Leonard can’t help but bring up the kiss with Ramona, but Amy just tells him to stop mentioning that part and things go back to being fine.

That is until Amy invites Sheldon to a dinner with her colleagues. She suddenly realizes that he may not be all that supportive of her, when all he wants to do is talk about himself. It takes a Skype call with Stephen Hawkin to get a perspective on Amy’s feelings; oh and liking it to Iron Man when he makes a special cameo in Captain America without complaining. Typical, Sheldon.

Things are back on track for the couple. Oh and things with Ramona turn out to be less uncomfortable than initially thought, as Amy actually hugs her with a thanks. It was her kiss that brought Sheldon to her rented apartment.

Raj is jealous

Out of all Sheldon’s fans, Raj is the one with the problem. After going to Stuart’s store for an engagement present, he realizes that he doesn’t want to buy Sheldon and Amy anything. Raj is jealous. Everyone else is loved up except him and Stuart.

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Well, that’s until Stuart tells Raj that he was going to shut the shop early. Stuart has a date, and Raj makes it clear that he’s not entirely happy.

He does get the guts to ask Ramona out again (well, give her one more chance to date him) when he tells her about Sheldon’s engagement. She quickly turns him down.

Poor Raj. I’m sure we know where this season is going to go.

Someone’s having a baby

There have been plenty of theories that Amy is pregnant in The Big Bang Theory Season 11. Is that the case? Well, definitely no. It’s one of the other two.

If you know what’s happening in the real life of one of the actresses, it shouldn’t be that hard to work out which one is pregnant. Melissa Rauch announced that she is pregnant during the summer, so it’s no surprise that Bernadette and Howard are expecting their second baby.

Photo credit: The Big Bang Theory/CBS Image aquired from CBS Press Site


To say it’s a shock is an understatement. Bernadette can’t tell Howard at first, so tells Penny instead. Penny tries to be supportive, but they both know that it’s too much of a surprise. When she finally tells Howard, he reacts just as childish as everyone expects.

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The shocked couple do get a smart idea when talking to Penny and Leonard: why don’t they try for a baby? That’s definitely not going to happen if Penny and Leonard have any say about it and they’re happy about it being like that. As Penny later says, they have a lot to celebrate: they’re not having a baby and she’s not marrying a baby. It’s sweet but it looks like Raj is completely forgotten about in this whole episode by his friends except for at the very start.

I definitely couldn’t stop laughing in this episode. Just as my laughter died down, something started me again. It’s going to be one interesting season if TBBT Season 11 premiere is anything to judge.

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How did you find the episode? Did you expect everything that happened? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 continues on Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.