6 International televisions shows you should be streaming


Photo Credit: Republic of Doyle/CBC Media Centre

It seems TV grows harder and harder to keep up with. Where once there were three basic networks, there’s now an ever-increasing number of streaming services with continually growing slates of original programming. It seems impossible for a television fan to ever be truly caught up.

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Furthermore, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are jumping into the international television market with growing frequency. Shows from countries like Canada, Australia, and even China were once virtually impossible to find for viewers outside their home countries. However, as technology continues to develop, there’s now a chance that any show exists somewhere in the streaming universe.

These six international shows are currently streaming somewhere on the internet. All are excellent series by brilliant creative teams, and are definitely worthy of a viewing.

Credit: The Code/ABC Media Room

#1 The Code

The Code recently wrapped its second season in 2017 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The series follows brothers Ned and Jesse Banks (Dan Spielman and Ashley Zukerman) as the men find themselves caught up in a large-scale government cover-up.

The series is a tense paranoid thriller with snappy, interesting writing. The show also features a powerful performance from Ashley Zukerman who received multiple award nominations for his portrayal of Jesse.

Both seasons of The Code are currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Murdoch Mysteries/ CBC Media Centre

#2 Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries airs on CBC up in Canada. The period police procedural starring Yannick Bisson is a long running hit for the network. It began its eleventh season on September 25th.

The series follows Detective William Murdoch (Bisson) and the crime solving team of Station House Four as they make their way through Toronto in the early 1900s. It features a collection of stellar characters. Helene Joy and Jonny Harris are definite standouts in the talented ensemble.

The first six seasons of Murdoch Mysteries are currently streaming on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Misfits/Channel 4 Media Centre

#3 Misfits

Genre fans should definitely check out Misfits, which ran on Channel 4 out of the United Kingdom. The series follows five teenage offenders who suddenly find themselves with unexplainable powers after a violent lightning storm.

Misfits features an interesting performance by Game of Thrones baddie Iwan Rheon. The series also provides a fascinating take on the sci-fi genre, building characters which manage to be not only realistic, but also likable.

Misfits is currently streaming on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Republic of Doyle/CBC Media Centre

#4 Republic of Doyle

Republic of Doyle recently wrapped a successful 6 season run on CBC. The crime dramedy stars Allan Hawco as private detective Jake Doyle. Together with his father Malachy (Sean McGinley), they run a private investigation company in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Hawco stands out in the run of the series, proving himself a likable and charismatic leading man. Republic of Doyle also makes an interesting use of its Newfoundland setting, which crafts a  unique visual look for the show. Furthermore, Hawco himself is a Newfoundlander, and his love of the show’s St. John’s setting establishes the narrative within a homegrown community.

The full six series run of Republic of Doyle can currently be streamed on Netflix.

#5 The IT Crowd

Photo Credit: The IT Crowd/ Channel 4 Media Centre

Probably the most “classic” entry on the list, The IT Crowd ran for five series on Channel 4 out of the United Kingdom. The show follows Roy (Chris O’Dowd), Maurice (Richard Ayoade) and Jen (Katherine Parksinson), who make up the IT department at Reynholm Industries.

The show comes from legendary Irish writer and show runner Graham Linehan and features his traditional brand of humor, previously seen in shows like Father Ted and Black Books. Combine Linehan’s sharp sense of humor with star-making performances from O’Dowd and Ayoade, and the result is a must see comedy.

The IT Crowd can currently be streamed on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries/ ABC Media Room

#6 Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysterie

Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is another series which comes to streaming from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The show follows the fabulous, self-described “Lady Detective” Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) as she solves murders with the help of her assistant Dorothy Williams (Ashleigh Cummings) and Detective Jack Robinson (Nathan Page).

The series gained a massive worldwide following after its international streaming debut on Netflix. Davis’ portrayal of the fun and progressive Miss. Fisher earned the show a host of fans. Meanwhile, others enjoy the lavish and carefully constructed period costumes. In fact, the shows worldwide popularity has led Every Cloud Productions to set up a wildly successful Kickstarter to finance a feature film version of the series.

Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The shows listed above are merely a sampling of the untold number of shows  are available on streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. There’s always a place to jump in. Have fun binging!