Supernatural Season 1, Episode 9 recap: There’s no place like home


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When Dean and Sam Winchester realize they have to go to the place they once called home, they worry about what they’ll find.

Supernatural has never shied away from difficult topics. As we learned more about the Winchester brothers in the first few episodes, one thing always came up: their mother’s death. It took until Episode 9, “Home,” to finally bring Mary Winchester’s death to the forefront. The Winchesters were forced to face the home that they had left 22 years ago; a home that Sam never really new and Dean had vague memories of.

We met the bright and active Missouri Moseley along the way, who gave up a bigger insight into the creature that the Winchesters would have to deal with. This would also be the episode that would set up the over-arching storyline for the next season and a half: Sam’s abilities.

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An introduction to the Supernatural beings

At first, the house just looks like any other. It’s only when Jenny goes to the basement and finds the old photos of the Winchester family that we realize there’s a deeper connection here. WE also learn that there’s something scary in Sari’s closet: a burning figure.

That’s all we see, before Sam wakes up from his dream of Jenny screaming for help from Sari’s window. Initially not realizing the importance of the house, Sam starts drawing the tree that he saw. Picking out the photo of his mom and dad, he instantly recognizes the tree. Of course, Dean isn’t happy about the idea of going to their childhood home.

In fact, Dean tries to avoid it, telling Sam that it was just a dream. Sam knows better. This was exactly how Sam’s dreams of Jessica started and look at how that ended up!

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Dean remembers the night of the fire

There isn’t much that the Winchesters remember of the night of the fire. John has told them a few things and there are a few hazy memories from Dean. He was only a kid, and all he really remembers is the heat and carrying his brother to safety. Sam never knew that Dean was the one to save him that night; it’s somebody nobody has ever bothered to tell him.

After reliving so much, Dean decides he needs to call for help. There’s a beautiful but tearful call to John, begging for him to come and help them with this. Dean has no idea whether it’s the thing that killed their mom or whether it is mom, but he can’t do this without his dad there.

The Winchesters aren’t the only ones who think back to the night of the fire. They talk to Mike Guenther, who was a co-owner of John’s garage in the area. Mike remembers John visiting all the psychics in town, which leads them to the phone book (oh, the memories of having to use phone books and not just Google from your phone!) and Missouri Moseley.

Dean can finally piece together something scribbled in John’s journal. John had written about going to Missouri to learn the truth, but Dean always assumed it was the state. It was actually the best psychic in town (and one of the best characters to ever grace our Supernatural screens).

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Meet Missouri Moseley

When the Winchesters walk into Missouri’s home, she knows exactly who they are without introduction. She also knows all about Jess’ death, John’s disappearance, and that they’re here for help with a case. After gathering all the information they need from her, they and Missouri go to the house. It’s time to face whatever the thing is.

There are two presences in the house. One is a poltergeist and needs to be removed immediately. However, the brothers get the bad news that neither killed Mary.

But that doesn’t mean they’re just going to walk away. As the Winchesters have always done, they’re going to save the new family in the home. With purifying bags, they start making holes in the walls to get rid of the poltergeist. Of course, the poltergeist fights back at first, not wanting to be removed. With the last bag in place, Missouri believes the house is now safe, but Sam isn’t too sure.

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Mommy Winchester saves the day

When Sam’s dream starts playing out, the Winchesters rush in to save the family. The two brothers soon find themselves pinned in the kitchen by an invisible force and the fiery figure from the closet returns. Just as Dean is about to shoot the figure, we finally see who it is: Mary Winchester.

After apologizing to Sam and smiling sadly at her son, she commands the poltergeist to leave the house. Destroying herself, she gets rid of the creature attacking her sons and saves the day.

In the end, the Winchesters leave without realizing that their dad was ever in the same town as them. Missouri ends the episode, sharing how surprised she was that Sam was never able to sense that John was there at Missouri’s home. It’s only then that we learn John can’t see his sons until he knows the truth; whatever that truth is.

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