Supernatural Season 12 quick recap: Getting ready for Season 13


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Supernatural Season 13 premieres in just one day. After the long summer, you may have forgotten about the events of Season 12. Here’s a quick recap to remind you.

Have you forgotten about the events of Supernatural Season 12? Did you intend to catch up over the summer and then never get around to the episodes? Don’t worry! This doesn’t make you a poor fan. It just means you’ve had life get in the way. It’s common.

We want to make sure you’re ready for Supernatural Season 13. It starts this week and we couldn’t be more excited. But much of the story is going to follow on from the events of the last few episodes of Season 12.

That’s why we have this Supernatural Season 12 quick recap to help you remember all the events. We’re trying to condense as much as possible in this recap, which is always hard with 23 episodes to a season. You won’t read many details, but you will get an overview of the most important storylines from the season.

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The British Men of Letters definitely couldn’t be trusted

Let’s get one of the biggest mistakes out of the way. I continue to believe that killing Mick Davis was a major mistake. The guys behind Supernatural had the chance to do something not quite the norm. They could have made what looked like a potential threat against the Winchesters into a good ally. Instead, they went with the obvious: the British Men of Letters couldn’t be trusted.

It looked like the Men of Letters were going to rip apart the Winchester family. They’d brainwashed Mary into killing all hunters. It took Dean to go into his mom’s head to bring her out, with a few choice words about how much he loved and hated her at the same time.

This was the biggest saving grace of the British Men of Letters’ storyline. Dean’s emotions were raw and powerful. It was some of the best acting in the series and we could all understand the way he felt. Who else had that love/hate feeling for Mary Winchester at this point?

Dean’s words caught something in Mary. She returned to help the Winchesters take down the Men of Letters and then face off against Lucifer. It also led to the cliffhanger at the end of Supernatural Season 12.

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Lucifer is released

In Season 11, Castiel allowed himself to become a vessel for Lucifer in the hope of stopping Amara. In the end, Lucifer became a much bigger threat and was considered the big bad for Season 12.

After a bit of a run around, the Winchesters found him in the body of the president. While in that body, he was able to create a child with Kelly Klein, meaning the most powerful nephelim was going to be released. Before Lucifer had a chance to see his son born, Rowena and the Winchesters had found a way to trap Lucifer back in his cage.

Unfortunately, Crowley stopped that from happening. Rather than going into the cage, Lucifer was put back into his original vessel, with a spell to prevent him from being a threat to Crowley.

That was until Lucifer managed to get demons on his side. The demons helped to get Lucifer free, making him a force to be reckoned with at the very end of the season. It looked like it was all going Lucifer’s way, until the very end because of…

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Alternate worlds are possible

Kelly decided to keep the spawn of Satan, despite knowing that there was a chance this baby was evil. She claimed that she’d seen the goodness in the child, and Castiel later agreed.

As it got closer to the baby’s birth, a rift opened to an alternate world. This was a world where John Winchester had died before marrying Mary. Dean and Sam were never born, meaning Alternate Bobby had no idea who they were.

However, the apocalypse happened in this world. Statements about Alternate World Michael coming into Season 13 state that he beat Lucifer, but it certainly looks like the world is worse for wear because of it.

At the very end, the Winchesters find their way to get rid of Lucifer forever. They work with Crowley to shut the rift, and manage to trap Lucifer in there. Unfortunately, Mary is also pulled in, after she protects her boys as a way to make up for everything she did before.

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Three people are assumed dead

The Season 12 finale left us with the knowledge that three people may be dead. Well, one for definite that isn’t coming back, one dead but will return, and one possibly dead.

They are Crowley, Castiel, and Rowena respectively.

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Mark Sheppard confirmed that he wasn’t returning as Crowley for Season 13. Crowley sacrificed himself to close the rift and hopefully trap Lucifer there. Castiel fought against Lucifer to get the Winchesters out of the rift world. Just as he stepped back into the Winchesters’ world, he was stabbed in the heart with an angel blade, killed at the hands of Lucifer.

As for Rowena, we saw what are supposed to be her charred remains. Considering how much of a character she has been over the years, this surely can’t be the end of her. It is possible that she had a double to trick Lucifer, but right now Ruth Connell isn’t sharing any details about her return or definite exit.

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There were other Yellow-Eyed Demons

Ever thought that Azazel was the only Yellow-Eyed Demon? Well, that is definitely not the case. We all wondered for a very long time, and finally Supernatural Season 12 confirmed. There were four Yellow-Eyed Demons; Azazel was just the most loyal to Lucifer.

The YEDs even had a better name: Princes of Hell. They were the second demons created after Lilith, which is why they were so powerful.

During Season 12 we met Ramiel and Dagon. Ramiel just wanted to live a quiet life and Crowley had given him the Colt. Dagon decided that she would help to bring Lucifer’s child into the world, but was killed by Castiel after he had been given a power boost from Jack, the baby.

Now we have one Prince of Hell left: Asmodeus. This Prince of Hell may show up in Season 13, as many believe that the new Sheriff in Hell is going to be the fourth Prince of Hell. Do you agree?

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Jack isn’t a baby

The biggest shock for all was Jack’s birth. Well, no, we knew that Jack was eventually going to be born. It was the way he was born that was a shock. He didn’t come out as a baby in the way that Amara did when she was born at the start of Season 11.

Jack is a fully grown teenager/young adult. Sam found him in the corner of his nursery, sitting in the corner with his yellow eyes burning bright. It’s clear that he could be a threat, but there is also hope that the Winchesters can steer him on the path of good; the path that Kelly and Castiel believed he could follow.

Alexander Calvert played Jack in the Supernatural Season 12 finale and has been upped to series regular for Season 13. We can expect more in the coming season.

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Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW.