The Gifted season 1 episode 3: eXodus recap


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In The Gifted Season 1, Episode 3, “eXodus,” the Struckers all make game-changing decisions to try and reunite their family.

In an episode focused on how extreme emotions are connected to controlling abilities and making decision, it’s fitting that “eXodus” begins with a flashback of Lorna and Marcos soon after they’d met. We learn how Lorna acquired the building for the Underground Mutant Headquarter as she explains it to Marcos.

Marcos reveals that he thinks his ability is a curse, but Polaris tries to get him to understand the beauty in it. She shows him how she can use metal on her wrists and feet to be able to fly. Inspired by her skill, he shows her how he can project light through broken glass and create something beautiful too. She refocuses his understanding of what it means to have an ability, and when their hands meet, Aurora Borealis lights dance around the two of them in a moment of pure bliss.

We then see Lorna/Polaris is Lakewood Jail, and she gets a visit from Jace Turner, who he warns her that if she doesn’t cooperate with Sentinel Services, he’ll take down the entire underground, starting with Marcos. This seems to be Turner’s favorite game: get someone to turn on a larger group of people in exchange for a few people they love.

So Turner wants to break into the Underground Mutant Headquarters, and the mutant group wants to break into the prison. It’s likely that neither group will have success… in this episode.

Kate talks Marcos and John down from their plan to portal into the prison, and instead wants to use lawyers to get Polaris out, but they explain that it’s too dangerous because it will give away her location and potentially put HQ at risk of being found.

Dreamer requests that John help train Clarice though so that she can learn to make portals again and have more control over them, and he agrees. Clarice is convinced that she’s lost her ability since the SWAT attack, but John knows that she just needs to learn to channel her emotions correctly.

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Dreamer wants to take it a step further and plant memories in Clarice’s head to help her fuel emotions and retrieve her powers, but “Johnny” won’t let her take any “short cuts,” knowing the potential risks of messing with someone’s memories.

In the middle of the night, Caitlin wakes up the kids and tells them she’s going to their Uncle Danny’s house to see if he can help Reed legally, but the kids won’t let her go without them. She agrees that the three of them can go, and they sneak out of the compound together.

At Sentinel Services, Turner gets Reed to tell him about the mutant bar and it’s connection to the underground, but we can see that Reed is starting to have doubts about Turner capturing Marcos and the other mutants.

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Unaware that the Struckers have left, Clarice goes to “mutant ability lessons” with John outside, and he teaches her to start making portals again. It only takes a few minutes for John to realize that there are trackable footprints on the ground, and John picks up on the fact that the Struckers left and starts to track them. Afraid that the Struckers will give away their location, and that Lorna won’t be able to be rescued, Marcos and Johnny set out to find Caitlin and the kids.

Dreamer approaches Clarice and asks about the memories she’s using. Clarice calls her out on having feelings for John, and Dreamer explains that she was a refugee and John was the one who took her in.

After bursting open several parking meters to get them cab fare, Andy, Lauren and Caitlin arrive at Danny’s house, who happens to be home with his son, Scott. He’s cordial, but he tells her that the police had been there and that it was dangerous and risky for them to have come, explaining that his life has now been affected as well.

In the back of a police van, we see Turner attaching an ankle bracelet to Reed. It will track his location and lead Sentinel Services to Mutant HQ. Turner instructs Reed to go into the bar and to gain the trust of the bartender so that he can be escorted to HQ to see his own family.

Reed approaches the bartender in the back parking lot and asks for help finding Marcos and his family, saying he has nowhere else to go and can be an asset to the mutants because of his background as a mutant task force agent. Though the man is skeptical, Reed’s emotional argument earns him the trust of the bartender, for now.

Reed explains that he was able to escape Sentinel Services and is put in a back holding room with a mom and little girl. He learns the woman’s husband was taken to the Sentinel Services detention center and you can tell that he’s starting to feel sympathetic to their story. The woman can tell that Reed is in pain from where he was shot, and she reaches out to heal him. He is in awe of how she was able to use her ability to help him, and we’re pretty sure Reed isn’t going to let anything bad happen to these two.

Catching up with their cousin Scott, Andy and Lauren hang out in his room, the boys playing video games. Scott wants Andy to show off, but Lauren stops him from doing anything stupid. She does however, find a social media post of two former friends vandalizing their house, and it sets Andy off, leading to some damage in the bedroom, including a trophy that was split in half.

Sentinel Services continues to track Reed as the group moves out to the meeting point. He is visibly nervous in the van, knowing that this woman and her daughter will be captured because of him. The little girl sees his fear and reaches out to Reed, assuring him that they’re safe now.

After the touching moment, Reed’s guilt becomes too much and he orders that they stop the van, jumping out to protect the mutants. Turner is livid that Reed blew their deal, but Reed tells him to “shove their deal up his ass.”

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Still in isolation at Lakewood, Polaris focuses on using her ability to break through the door, despite the neck collar, and she gets it open through a rage, but her nose starts to bleed and she’s found by a guard.

John and Marcos wake up Caitlin in the house and want her to leave immediately with them, but it’s too late — armed neighbors have gathered at the house having learning that the Strucker kids are inside (and there’s a hefty reward). Dan tries to go out to negotiate, but they move past him and Andy blasts them all back. One man tries to shoot at Andy, but John grabs him and Marcos uses the heat from his hands to make the gun too hot to hold, forcing the man to drop it to the ground. Shielded by Marcos, the mutants make it into the van and speed off, being chased by groups of neighbors.

Dreamer goes to Clarice and wants her to make a portal to get the SUV back to HQ, but when Clarice doubts herself, Dreamer plants memories in Clarice’s mind of an intimate relationship between her and John. Clarice is now confident she can make the portal to save John’s life, and when the SUV comes speeding at her, she creates a portal big enough to transport the entire vehicle back to HQ.

Caitlin apologizes to Marcos for having snuck out, but Marcos forgives her, saying that he too has done stupid things for love. John realizes that Dreamer has messed with Clarice’s memories and though she did it to save John’s life, Clarice will now be under the impression that she and John have feelings for one another.

Photo credit: Eliza Morse/FOX, acquired from Fox Press Site

The scientist from the previous episode who had an interest in mutant siblings contacts Turner and wants to collaborate with him on the Strucker children’s capture, but Turner shuts him down, saying that their cooperation is out of the question. Obviously this scientist isn’t going away anytime soon, but perhaps he’ll be a much more lethal antagonist in the future — someone who could unite Reed and Turner for the same cause.

Caitlin, John and Marcos meet up with Danny, who has information about Reed’s whereabouts, confirming that Reed is still alive and that he’s being moved to a mutant detention center along with Lorna (which explains the promo photo of the two of them together in prison cells). Danny tells Caitlin to move on and accept that she’ll never see her husband again, but Caitlin tells him that he’s wrong.

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