Supernatural urban legends: Hallowed ground lore explained


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In Route 666, Supernatural fans learned that ghosts couldn’t cross onto hallowed ground. Just where did that lore come from?

If you’ve ever wondered where the lore and legends in Supernatural come from, you’re not alone. The majority of them are based on real lore and urban legends from around the world. It shouldn’t be too surprising that that includes the idea that vengeful spirits can’t cross onto hallowed ground.

In all honesty the hallowed ground lore has never been consistent in Supernatural. “Hook Man” allowed a vengeful spirit to step into a church, while “Route 666” destroyed the ghost when it entered the ground of the ruined church. Later “Houses of the Holy” showed that ghosts could in fact enter churches.

The lore for demons entering churches was also inconsistent, although there did seem to be an explanation for that. Powerful demons like Azazel (and presumably other Princes of Hell) could step into a church but others couldn’t.

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So, where does the hallowed ground lore come from? Is there a real element to the legend?

Supernatural hallowed ground lore

As mentioned, the lore isn’t consistent. While some vengeful spirits can cross over, others were instantly destroyed. Whether it was poor writing, a goof, or there was another explanation isn’t clear.

It is possible that more powerful spirits could cross into the church; or those that were originally men of God. In “Hook Man” and “Houses of the Holy,” the vengeful spirits were former priests, whereas in “Route 666” the ghost was a racist man who had been killed and his death covered up.

Real hallowed ground lore

This is one of those legends that has a little reality, but is based on superstition and theories. That’s not surprising considering ghosts, demons, and the rest of the creatures are considered mythical and supernatural.

However, some of the lore can link to the Bible. Again this makes sense since we’re talking about churches. There are Bible versions, like Hebrews 9:27, that state souls go to either Heaven or Hell after death. They can’t remain on Earth and wander as a ghost. So the ghosts are actually demonic souls. Since demons are against God, they can’t go into a church without destroying themselves.

This helps explain why demons in Supernatural can’t cross into church. Ghost lore can be adapted from this, as in Supernatural Season 2 Tessa the reaper confirms that vengeful spirits aren’t the souls that they once were. They’re a shadow of the original person, filled with anger and hate.

Spirits are also linked to witchcraft and mediums in the Bible, so again not allowed to enter hallowed ground. Hocus Pocus used the idea that witches couldn’t step onto hallowed ground because of their evil intentions. Hallowed ground is also a place of God. The Bible teaches people that when you have God on your side, demonic and evil beings can’t help you.

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